IPextreme Improves IP Distribution with Synchronicity Publisher Suite

8/5/2004 - Up-and-coming semiconductor intellectual property (IP) company, IPextreme, is adopting the Synchronicity® Publisher Suite solution for the distribution and support of their high quality IP. As semiconductor companies are scrambling to overcome the high cost of custom chip design, IPextreme is helping their customers get new chips to market faster and at lower cost by applying "Extreme Programming", a disciplined approach to design and programming, to the development of IP. The Publisher Suite will directly support key Extreme Programming tenets such as close customer involvement, frequent releases, whole team ownership and continuous integration of the entire design.

The Publisher Suite is widely used for design reuse and the distribution and support of IP. The Publisher Suite contains the IP GearTM Catalog to store and present reusable designs and the IP Gear Helpdesk and Knowledge base as a rich support environment. This infrastructure will raise the productivity and quality of experience for IPextreme's customers around the globe, by enabling them to find, evaluate and securely download blocks of already complete and proven designs through any web browser. By easing and supporting such transactions, the Publisher Suite raises intimacy with, and satisfaction of, prominent IPextreme customers such as Infineon.

"There is a huge commercial opportunity for semiconductor intellectual property, especially for a company that can bring a fresh approach to IP quality and customer satisfaction", commented industry veteran, Warren Savage, president and CEO of IPextreme. "To make IPextreme into a successful, sustainable IP business, we started with a clean sheet, adopting the best processes and systems available today. Thus we chose the Synchronicity Publisher Suite as the preeminent solution to connect to our customers as it enables the uncommonly tight interaction demanded by our Extreme Programming methodology."

Brad Hafer, Synchronicity vice-president of marketing and business development, noted, "IPextreme looks set to shake-up semiconductor development by revolutionizing the design, packaging and distribution of IP, and we are pleased that their experienced team selected our Publisher Suite as the best customer interface solution. They are joining many other significant electronics companies in the adoption of our IP lifecycle management solutions and confirming that we are the de facto standard for moving and managing designs in and between companies."

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