NMS Communications Sponsors Free AdvancedTCA Tutorial in IEC iForum

8/3/2004 - A multimedia tutorial on AdvancedTCA is now available through the IEC iForum educational program. There is no charge for the 90-minute tutorial, which is sponsored by NMS Communications, and participants can register to see and hear the presentation at http://www.iec.org/online/iforums/nms_2.

The Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA) is a new open industry specification for building high-performance telecommunications and data communications systems. Developed by the PICMG consortium, AdvancedTCA appears poised to make considerable inroads into a market that has traditionally been dominated by vertically integrated proprietary systems.

Whether you are designing systems for the telecom operator marketplace or the enterprise, it is critical that you understand the evolution of PICMG 3.0, the AdvancedTCA specification targeted to the requirements for the next generation of carrier-grade communications equipment and how AdvancedTCA overcomes many of the shortcomings of previous commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) component standards.

IEC iForums provide reliable, authoritative, and noncommercial perspectives on current technology topic and applications, presented by two or more leading industry experts who give insight on key technology topics via streaming audio, video, PowerPoint slides, and other interactive features.

This iForum provides the very latest information on the status and market activities of AdvancedTCA, direct from two leading experts in the field. The tutorial includes an overview of AdvancedTCA and then details many aspects of the AdvancedTCA specification, such as the switching fabrics, mechanical configuration, shelf and system management, power and cooling, and other important features. This iForum also describes NMS Communications' involvement in the development of the AdvancedTCA specification and other recent AdvancedTCA activities.

Topics include:


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Joe Pavlat, President and Chairman, PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG), R. Brough Turner, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NMS Communications

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