Vitesse XFP PRO Saves Cost and Time-to-Market for XFP Modules

8/3/2004 - Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: VTSS) announced the introduction of XFP PRO — the industry's only complete Laser Driver, Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA), and Signal Conditioner chipset that meets the price points required to proliferate 10 Gbps optical components in next-generation router and switch applications. The chipset is supported by a complete module reference design that significantly shortens the time-to-market for module OEMs.

XFP PRO combines the devices and design information needed to allow manufacturers to deliver and market an XFP module as much as nine months sooner, with 80% fewer staff hours invested, and with performance already verified to meet or exceed current standards. The complete chipset is priced under $50 USD in volume, enabling XFP module manufacturers to hit a selling price of $300 - $500 USD, which is required to accelerate deployment of this form factor in short reach applications.

Small in size and protocol-independent, the XFP form factor is gaining acceptance in a variety of applications including OC-192/STM-64, 10G Fibre Channel, 10G Ethernet and G.709 routers, switches, and network cards. The XFP module is on track to becoming the dominant format in the market by 2007. According to Dr. Jagdish Rebello, senior industry analyst at iSuppli, XFP will be to the 10 Gbps market what SFP is to 2.5 Gbps. Dr. Rebello forecasts that the market for XFP transceivers will exceed $800 million by 2007.

XFP PRO Offers Best-In-Class Features and Performance
The XFP PRO chipset, with best-in-class features, minimizes printed circuit board complexity and external component count. The chipset includes:

Time-to-Market Improvement
The proven reference design for XFP module applications is a result of the efforts of a Vitesse team with over 50 years of optical module-related design experience. The design provides a faster track to production for companies looking to make an entry into the XFP market, or to expand their current XFP product line. In addition to a PCB with the XFP PRO chipset, this real-world design includes a ROSA and TOSA (Transmitter Optical Subassembly) with flex circuit interface, a microcontroller and firmware. The reference design comes complete with metal housing to allow easy insertion and evaluation in an XFP module cage. Interoperability trials have confirmed compatibility with several commercially-available XFP modules.

Bookham Technology's director of marketing for transceivers, Steve Joiner, commented, “Bookham and Vitesse share the goal of reducing the complexity and cost of bringing 10G optical transceiver products to the market. We have worked closely with Vitesse as they have developed their broad product line for the XFP market and as Bookham has developed XFP modules for the OEM market. The Vitesse XFP PRO reference design provides an XFP module designer with a fast and easy vehicle to evaluate Vitesse's XFP chipset for this application.”

The initial XFP PRO reference design release features an un-cooled DFB laser and targets 10km 10GBASE-LR/LW applications. Demo kits are available today and include a complete collateral package on CD-ROM with PCB design files, application notes, and performance data.

“Whether used out-of-the-box or as a reference for a custom design, XFP PRO offers a shortened development cycle and proven blueprint for early success,” said Richard Interrante, applications engineering manager for Vitesse’s Transport Division. “We’ve reviewed this design with a growing list of module manufacturers, and the response has been overwhelming. It’s clear that no other IC supplier offers a more complete chipset and reference design for the XFP market.”

Additional Designs in Development
Vitesse is building on the success of the first XFP PRO reference design with additional variants that are in development now, including an 850nm VCSEL design for 300m reach applications, and a 40km/80km cooled laser (EML) design for 1550nm DWDM applications. In addition, a new reference design is in development that will address 1 Gbps to 4 Gbps SFP applications. This low-cost design features a new Vitesse chipset that significantly reduces the number of components typically required in an SFP module.

Availability and Pricing
All products are available now, priced separately or bundled at a cost under $50 USD in volume. In addition to the reference design, evaluation boards for each individual product are also available. Detailed technical information on the XFP PRO chipset and reference design is available at the Vitesse XFP Module Technology Center at

About the Transport Products Division
Since introduction of the first SONET SerDes ICs nearly 15 years ago, the Transport Products Division at Vitesse has been a leading supplier of optoelectronics and physical layer devices for OEMs around the globe. With emphasis on the development of products to lower the cost of bandwidth for applications from 1 Gbps to 12.5 Gbps, Vitesse offers the industry’s broadest product portfolio. As the world leader in transport ICs, Vitesse components are used in a wide array of products from industry leading OEMs including Alcatel, Avanex, Bookham Technology, Cisco, Huawei, Infineon, JDS Uniphase, Lucent, Marconi, Nortel, Opnext and many others.

About Vitesse
Vitesse is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative silicon solutions and optical devices used in the networking, communications and storage industries worldwide. Vitesse works to specifically address the requirements of system designers and OEMs by providing high-performance, integrated products that are ideally suited for use in Enterprise, Access, Metro and Core applications. Additional company and product information is available at

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