AnalogIP USB2.0 PHY Ready for License on Multiple Fab Processes

8/2/2004 - Analog IP, Inc. (AnalogIP), a fast-growing, privately-held provider of analog design expertise and physical intellectual property (IP) announced the completion and availability for license of AnalogIP's USB2.0 PHY. AnalogIP has now manufactured and approved samples built on TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, Taiwan) 0.18-micron process and SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, China) 0.18-micron CMOS process. AnalogIP has additional test chips forthcoming from additional fabs. (Please contact AnalogIP for further details.) In addition to the availability of the USB2.0 PHY IP block, AnalogIP is committed to providing designers with IP blocks for many standard serial interface technologies using advanced process technologies.

The AnalogIP USB2.0 PHY offers industry-leading die size of 0.75mm2 with power consumption at a mere 70mA typical, while meeting USB high-speed, full-speed and even low-speed performance requirements.

Customers can easily integrate AnalogIP's USB2.0 PHY into complex ASIC products or even use it as a stand-alone component suitable for applications requiring incremental USB2.0 PHY capability in a small form-factor. The AnalogIP USB2.0 PHY is available via license agreement for any level of technology transfer. Customers can request a complete technology transfer, including full schematics and GDS-II database, or simply a black box with input-output locations and place-and-route dimensions.

"AnalogIP is pleased to prove our USB2.0 PHY on multiple world-class fab processes. TSMC, SMIC and others are demonstrating a strong commitment to provide their customers with industry-leading IP blocks." said Fred Cheng, AnalogIP's president. "We are pleased to see many fabs supporting AnalogIP's solutions and look forward to working with them to offer competitive, easy-to-implement solutions to the world's leading IC design teams."

Product Availability
AnalogIP's 0.18-micron USB2.0 PHY is available for immediate licensing at TSMC and SMIC. Future versions in different fabs and different process technologies will soon follow. Customers interested in AnalogIP's USB2.0 PHY should contact AnalogIP via e-mail at

About Analog IP, Inc.
Analog IP, Inc. is a fast-growing, privately-held provider of physical intellectual property (IP) for analog functions, especially industry-standard serial interfaces. AnalogIP-supported blocks include USB1.1, USB2.0, 10BASE-T Ethernet, 10/100 Ethernet, 1394a, 1394b, PCI-X and many others. Each IP block is designed to achieve the best combination of performance, density, power and yield for a given manufacturing process and application. AnalogIP has licensed IP blocks to many companies involved in integrated circuit design and development. AnalogIP is headquartered in Fremont, California. More information about Analog IP, Inc. can be found at

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