TTPCom Opens New Technical Support Office in Shenzhen, China

8/2/2004 - TTPCom Ltd, the world’s leading independent supplier of digital wireless technology, announces the opening of a new technical support office in Shenzhen, southern China. TTPCom has been active in China for many years and its growing customer base includes many of the country’s leading handset manufacturers such as TCL, ZTE, Soutec and China Kejian. The company already has a technical support office in Shanghai and is now building a team of engineers in Shenzhen to work closely with customers in the area and in particular to focus on shortening development times for market-leading, innovative wireless products.

“China is an extremely important market for TTPCom and we have seen our position in the handset market go from strength to strength in recent years. Many of our customers are achieving significant volume sales both in China and in export markets, and to enable them to maintain the momentum of growth it is essential that we build up our local support teams”, stated Dr Miles Upton, Commercial Director of TTPCom’s Software Business Unit. “TTPCom’s approach to wireless technology is very popular in China - our flexible licensing deals enable customers of varying levels of experience to move rapidly into the manufacture of mobile phones. China is already the world’s largest market for mobile phones and is continuing to expand at a fast pace – those manufacturers that are developing innovative, differentiated products with TTPCom’s technology are finding that they can build up a profitable business very quickly.”

In the area of next generation technologies TTPCom is establishing a leading position in the worldwide market for EDGE software, which with data rates up to three times those available on GPRS networks, enables the early deployment of 3G-type services prior to the roll-out of 3G itself. TTPCom has demonstrated industry leading data rates of 216 kbps, and has licensed its software to a number of companies in Asia including LG, Pantech and Innostream. The number of worldwide operators that have committed to deploying EDGE technology is increasing steadily and those manufacturers that are developing EDGE-enabled products are well-placed to win market share in this growing market.

“There is a lot of interest in China in the next generation technologies of 3G and EDGE and the local operators are already conducting EDGE trials which will soon open up the world’s largest mobile phone market for EDGE products,” said Wang Yun, General Manager of TTPCom’s Shanghai office. “To facilitate the transfer of expertise in 3G and EDGE, TTPCom is seconding several of its UK engineers to China and at the same time we are recruiting the very best Chinese engineers for our new office in Shenzhen and for our existing office in Shanghai.”

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