Sun Helps Hundreds of Customers with Network Services Revolution

7/30/2004 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) highlighted more than 30 of the hundreds of customers worldwide who chose Sun to reduce costs and simplify their network computing environments. From financial services companies such as CLSA Asia-Pacific, to major airline carriers such as Air Canada, to leading academic institutions including The George Washington University, organizations throughout the world and across numerous industries are benefiting from Sun's open, secure and affordable systems.

"Our network computing vision and strategy are resonating well with our customers," said Anil Gadre, chief marketing officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Sun is expanding its global footprint and working with new and existing customers around the world to remove costs from their business and help them better leverage IT to deliver value to their own customers. We're monetizing those opportunities as we execute against our plan to achieve financial goals for FY05."

"The George Washington University is building much of its next-generation computing environment on Sun software and hardware technologies, with Sun consultants playing a key role in putting together all of the pieces," said David Swartz, chief information officer, The George Washington University. "Our selection of Sun was on the basis of its long-term technology strategy, allowing us to deliver leading-edge solutions to faculty, students and administrators."

"Hitachi Data Systems ultimately selected Sun on the basis of two criteria," said Sean Godfrey, IT director, Hitachi Data Systems. "First of all, Sun's identity management solution enables true single sign-on access. Second, the provisioning capabilities within Sun Java÷ System Identity Server software provide leading-edge functionality that exceeds any other solution offering in the market place today."

Some of the many customers purchasing new Sun systems for their price performance, security and interoperability in the fourth quarter include:

Accor Group
A global hotels and services company known mostly for its Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn brands, Accor Group replaced its costly legacy messaging solution with the Sun Java System Message Queue software residing on Sun Fire÷ V480 servers running the Solaris÷ Operating System connected to Sun StorEdge÷ 3310 systems. The Sun solution enables the company to manage approximately 50,000 message exchanges between more than 2,000 hotels per day that are maintained by its central applications systems. The solution from Sun includes a two-year Sun(sm) Managed Services Site Operations Management contract, which stipulates a service-level agreement (SLA) of 99.9% availability and on-site support response of six hours on 70 mission-critical systems.

Air Canada
Air Canada, Canada's flag carrier and the 11th largest commercial airline in the world, selected Sun Java System software as the basis for its next-generation of network services. Sun Java System software that Air Canada plans to leverage include the Java System Portal Server and Java Portal Server Secure Remote Access, Java System Messaging Server, Java System Instant Messaging and Java System Portal Server Mobile Access Pack products. Consultants from Sun Services will help with architecture design and implementation and will provide training around the new Sun technology. To help ensure high availability and reliability, Air Canada will tap Sun Services for a Sun Software Premium Support services agreement. The new network services will enable Air Canada to support better communications and workflow with employees, suppliers, partners and customers; enhance employee productivity; and deliver higher levels of security for interactions with business partners and suppliers.

Argonne National Laboratory
The operations group within Argonne National Laboratory, operated by the University of Chicago, turned to Sun for an integrated human resources, finance, procurement and communications portal solution with integrated identity-management services. Argonne National Laboratory will be deploying the Sun Java Enterprise System software, including the Sun Java System Portal Server and Sun Java Portal Server Secure Remote Access, Sun Java System Web Server, Java System Application Server, Java System Identity Server and Java System Directory Server, residing on six Sun Fire 280R servers running the Solaris 9 Operating System (OS). By consolidating its software support contracts to a SunSpectrum Premium(sm) Support services agreement for software, and reducing the complexity of its IT infrastructure, Argonne National Laboratory anticipates an approximate savings of $50,000 per year.

Bell Canada
Bell Canada provides local telephone, long distance, wireless communications, Internet access, data, satellite television and other services to residential and business customers through 26 million customer connections. The Canadian communications leader chose an enterprise consolidation solution from Sun based on Sun Fire E25k servers running the Solaris OS. The new platform infrastructure will supplement an existing Sun platform consisting of Sun Fire 6800 servers located in two separate data center environments. The solution includes Solaris Resource Manager, which Bell Canada will use to manage applications and data within multiple dynamic system domains on the Sun Fire platform. Through the Sun solution, Bell Canada expects to improve utilization rates and system availability while driving down costs. Bell Canada is adding three Sun Fire 25K servers to its existingAdaptive Infrastructure lineup of six Sun Fire 6800 servers to consolidate servers and applications, drive up utilization and eliminate legacy servers in itsinstalled base.

City of Oakland, Calif.
The City of Oakland recently turned to Sun for an enterprise-scale server refresh and storage upgrade to automate more of its business processes. During this engagement, Sun Services helped to migrate critical business data and applications Ż including Oracle E-Business Suite 11i on Oracle8i database Ż from the original Sun Enterprise 10000 server to a Sun Fire 15K server running the Solaris 9 OS. Sun consultants also helped install two Sun Fire V1280 servers for test and development, and replace direct-attached storage systems with a SAN based on Sun StorEdge technology, in order to accommodate storage volumes that have grown to 15 terabytes. By increasing its computing capacity, the City of Oakland anticipates migrating applications from expensive legacy servers, providing the compute resources required for new applications while continuing to experience high levels of performance and system availability as it processes payroll, manages its finances and carries out human resources activities.

CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets
One of Asia's top equities brokers, CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, worked with Sun Microsystems Finance(sm) (SMF) to establish a long-term, highly scalable and cost-effective program to migrate from its existing HP servers to new Sun Fire 15K servers. Sun proposed a total solution approach with Sun Fire 15k servers, software, services and an attractive lease proposition with technology refreshment options developed by SMF. This resulted in a unified UNIX(r) environment running on the Solaris OS.

College of William & Mary
The Collegeof William & Mary, founded in 1693, is the second oldest public university in the nation. Students from seven science departments work directly with the school's SciClone cluster, a Solaris-based environment including Sun Fire servers and Sun StorEdge sofater. This environment was created to facilitate interactive research and education between the university's departments and schools that share an interest in using computing to advance research and education. Between 300 and 400 users utilize 207 server nodes and 14 terabytes of storage running the Solaris 9 OS and Sun StorEdge QFS software to do large-scale computations in a wide variety of disciplines.

Convergys Corporation
Convergys Corporation, one of the global leaders in integrated billing, employee care and customer care services, is working with Sun through a multi-million-dollar Sun Managed Services Site Support agreement to lower total cost of ownership in its data center environments while improving quality-of-service levels. Sun is providing Convergys with enhanced services, including system assessments, Reliability Availability System checkups, managed on-site critical spares/parts inventory service, remote system monitoring and software upgrades for hundreds of Solaris-based Sun servers, storage, and software components.

The George Washington University
Wanting to provide students and faculty with more robust Web-based applications while laying the foundation to become a service provider for other universities and colleges, The George Washington University (GW) turned to Sun for an end-to-end solution. Sun Services consultants are working with the GW Information Systems and Services (ISS) Department on consolidating applications and services to a Sun platform infrastructure powered by Sun Fire 15K, V240, and V1280 servers, including a Sun Fire B1600 Blade Platform, running the Solaris 9 OS connected to a storage area network (SAN) based on Sun StorEdge 3310 systems. The consolidated infrastructure will power applications that include SCT Banner and Oracle Financials as well as communication services based on Sun Java System software. The latter includes Sun Java System Messaging Server, Sun Java System Directory Server, Sun Java System Web Server, and Sun Java System Calendar Server. Sun consultants are providing assistance with architecture design, project management, and implementation, including integration of security standards Ż both architecturally and operationally. Online and instructor-led training on Sun hardware and software technologies are part of the solution as well as SunSpectrum Gold(sm) service and Sun software standard support agreements. GW expects to lower its total cost of ownership while improving system availability. The new application services and platform infrastructure will also help GW to reduce deployment cycles for future initiatives.

Giesecke & Devrient
Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is a technology leader in the supply of smart cards, systems and solutions for telecommunications, electronic payment transactions, transportation, health, ID, loyalty and multimedia applications, as well as Internet security (PKI). G&D is also a leading provider of banknotes and securities as well as currency processing equipment. Using Sun's Java Card(tm) technology, Giesecke & Devrient realized the Taiwan Health Care project 2002/2003, the world's largest Java Card project with more than 24 million cards. By designing a highly secure, interoperable smart card and security solution, Giesecke & Devrient offers its worldwide clientele an expanded range of easy-to-use and manageable products and services. This allows for the deployment of faster time-to-market smart card solutions, resulting in additional revenue opportunities.

Hitachi Data Systems
Hitachi Data Systems selected Sun Java System software residing on Sun Fire V440 and V240 servers running the Solaris 9 OS as the technology foundation for an integrated identity-management solution. The solution was sold through Sun iForce(sm) partner reseller FusionStorm, Inc. Hitachi Data Systems' infrastructure software solution includes the Sun Java System Portal Server Secure Remote Access, Sun Java System Web Server, Sun Java System Directory Server, Sun Java System Access Manager, Sun Java System Application Server and Sun Java System Identity Server software products.

Jefferson County, Birmingham, Ala.
Jefferson County in Birmingham, Alabama purchased its (12 domain) Sun Fire 15K Capacity on Demand (COD) system as a server consolidation solution. The Department of Information Technology in Jefferson County upgraded its earlier Sun Fire 4800 server and Sun Enterprise÷ 6500 and 3500 servers to help lower total cost of ownership and reduce overall footprint in its data center. Jefferson County desired a single point of contact for service and support, and wanted to continue receiving outstanding quality of Sun Services and reliability of Sun equipment. Jefferson County is now building an IT infrastructure based more on Sun technology, thus growing its relationship with Sun as its trusted IT advisor. Sun provided its COD capabilities for future growth, as it is needed. Implementing Sun's COD strategy, which accommodates Jefferson County's three-year budget, headroom and capacity planning, allows for easier procurement and reduction in hardware upgrade cycles. Jefferson County takes advantage of a full suite of services from Sun Services (including Sun High Availability packs and implementation services), and has also purchased Sun StorEdge L700 tape library, Brocade switches, and Veritas software. Jefferson County is running Oracle9i database, GIS, revenue reporting, tax collection, licensing, financials (A/R, A/P) applications on Sun.

Klinikum Nurnberg
Sun implemented a highly available, secure and scalable IT-infrastructure for the hospital-wide use of SAP's enterprise resource planning application based on two Sun Fire V480 servers, two Sun Fire V880 servers and the Sun StorEdge 9980 high-end data center storage system.

Mobeon, one of the world∆s leading supplier of private labeled telecom messaging software, has joined Sun∆s iForce partner program to deliver IP-based voicemail solutions to telecom providers. Mobeon's agreement,enables it to offer pre-packaged messaging, calendar and web server solutions to its global clients. These pre-packaged software solutions, which are designed on Sun∆s Solaris OS and Sun Java System Directory Server products, will enable Mobeon customers to minimize their operational cost by optimizing existing technology when installing global IP-based voicemail systems as well as increase revenue opportunities with flexible software license upgrades of new features and new functionality.

National Research Council
The National Research Council of the Canadian Bioinformatics Resource is a distributed network of collaborating institutes, universities and individuals across Canada dedicated to the provision of bioinformatics services to Canadian researchers. The NRC's Canadian Bioinformatics Rescue (CBR) is an early adopter of the Sun Fire E20K enterprise system. Replacing two older enterprise class systems, NRC-CBR chose the Sun Fire E20K server for its tremendous scalability and throughput computing potential. This Sun solution is a high-performance, high-end data center that supports the NRC-CBR with its chip multithreading technology. With new fault management technology, the Bioinformatics Grid offers extended service uptime and enhanced system manageability, all with a reduced cost of ownership. NRC-CBR installed Sun GridEngine Enterprise Edition test grid across Canada at select member sites.

NDCHealth Corporation
Looking to capitalize on new revenue opportunities while driving down total cost of ownership, NDCHealth Corporation, a global healthcare information solutions provider, selected Sun and its Sun Java Enterprise System software for its T-Rex One Enterprise, an innovative workflow solution for pharmacy chains. NDCHealth chose Sun because it understood its business best and demonstrated a long-term commitment to the success of T-Rex One Enterprise, which offers pioneering central database and workflow features. Currently, Sun Services is working with NDCHealth on designing a network services infrastructure powered by various components of the Sun Java Enterprise System (including Sun Java System Access Manager, Sun Java System Directory Server, and Sun Java System Web Server products) and Java web services residing on Sun Fire servers running the Solaris 9 OS connected to Sun StorEdge systems.

Osmosys S.A.
Osmosys S.A., a leading developer of Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) and Multimedia Hypermedia Experts Group software solutions, has selected Sun's PersonalJava(tm) software environment and Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) as the foundation to develop its digital interactive television software and service solutions. Osmosys S.A. will also incorporate Sun's Java technology into its Open Cable Application Platform (OCAP) specification and MHP middleware solutions. Osmosys S.A. is currently deploying Sun's PersonalJava technology but plans on migrating to J2ME(tm) Personal Basis Profile and J2ME Connected Device Configuration starting in September 2004. Sun's Java Partner Engineering services will deliver support as well as provide license and engineering services, enabling the company to rapidly and successfully produce Java technology-enabled products and services.

Ottawa Health Research Institute
Sun's leading role in Canadian bioinformatics, health and life sciences research continues with the implementation of a bioinformatics cluster at the Ottawa Health Research Institute (OHRI). OHRI is the research arm of the Ottawa Hospital, and a major part of the University of Ottawa Faculties of Medicine and Health Science. Through the OHRI's Bioinformatics Team, more than 300 scientists and investigators, 300 students, and 500 support staff will have access to a full range of Sun Fire, UltraSPARC(r) and StorEdge technology. Sun's technology will help facilitate future successes for one of the fastest growing and most respected hospital-based research institutes in Canada.

Quios has licensed the Sun Java System Content Delivery Server and the Sun Java Enterprise System software to add mobile content delivery to its suite of hosted services. By combining the Quios core Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) delivery infrastructure with the Sun Java Content Delivery Server and Sun Java Enterprise System, third parties will be able to make their content available to consumers across carriers and across countries, without any significant investments in carrier connectivity or content management technology. The service is being deployed on an existing IT infrastructure, which includes a Sun Enterprise 4500 server and a Sun StorEdge system.

Siemens and Sun have built a long-term and global partner relationship. The UltraSPARC IV processor is Sun's first generation of chip multithreading (CMT) processors that is targeted for midrange and high-end server lines. These processors provide up to twice the application throughput of the current UltraSPARC III processor. The dual-thread UltraSPARC IV processor was developed in concert with the Solaris Operating System to meet the challenging requirements of mission-critical enterprises, high performance technical computing (HPTC) environments and compute-intensive applications. Siemens selected Sun's UltraSPARC IV (Sun Fire E6900 & Sun Fire E2900 servers) for two reasons: The higher level of flexibility when implementing R&D on mobile handsets, and the simplified administration and provisioning of the system.

Sony Europe
Sony DADC Austria selected Sun Microsystems as its primary technology provider for a new e-music service, Connect, that launched on July 5, 2004. The service was initially deployed for customers in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, and more countries will follow. The service is powered by Sun Fire servers running the Solaris 9 OS connected to a storage environment based on Sun's StorEdge systems. The server and storage environments are clustered for high availability. For the actual solution deployment and ongoing management, Sony DADC Austria has a three-year Sun Managed Services Site Operations Management program, which is supplemented with systems integration and support from Sun iForce partners COLT Telecom and Daimler Chrysler Consult Graz.

Tata Teleservices
Incorporated in 1996, Tata Teleservices was the first to launch mobile services in India. Tata Teleservices has a strong workforce of 5,500 and the company serves 1.6 million customers in over 50 towns. Tata uses Sun Fire 15K servers to support telecom billing, order processing, CRM and ERP solutions.

TEBA Kreditbank GmbH
Sun and its solution partner have implemented a secure and server-centric ultra thin client architecture with 45 Sun Ray(tm) thin clients at Teba Kreditbank in order to significantly decrease cost for administration and maintenance.

ThyssenKrupp Drauz GmbH
ThyssenKrupp Dauz has consolidated its Microsoft Outlook e-mail environment with Sun StorEdge Infinite Mailbox storage solution. The new hierarchical archiving solution accelerates data access, reduces administration and cuts the overall IT-expenses.

Tsann Kuen Group
Tsann Kuen Group, the leader of small home appliances and 3C retail chain store businesses in Taiwan and China, migrated its existing HP servers to new Sun servers and successfully built up a highly available and scalable platform with complete ERP system solutions. Tsann Kuen chose Sun Fire 12K and StorEdge 9970 system products to help ensure a more stable and secure infrastructure.

T-Systems GCF-OSY
T-Systems GCF-OSY (Deutsche Telekom) continues to utilize Sun Preventive Services to manage its hosted data center environments. The proactive services approach of Sun Preventive Services is helping T-Systems GCF-OSY improve customer satisfaction by increasing system availability while reducing the number of Priority One service calls. Services delivery includes Sun Net Connect services for system telemetry, Sun RAS (Reliability, availability, serviceability) Profiles service for proactively addressing potential quality-of-service issues and Traffic Light Patchmanagement (TLP) and Configuration and Service Tracker (CST) for tracking system configuration details and patch management.

TV4 wanted to archive all of their broadcasting material, both online with TV4 and on two disaster/recovery sites on tape. Sun provided a three year Sun Managed Service contract to achieve this goal.

University of Calgary
The University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine Sun Center of Excellence for Visual Genomics has upgraded its Sun Fire 6800 server to a Sun Fire 6900 server. This increases the storage and graphics capabilities for the Java 3D API-enabled CAVE. With four additional terabytes of storage and the addition of a 24 CPU SPARC cluster, the Center of Excellence continues to develop and remain a leader in bioinformatics research. As well, with the addition of 75 Sun Ray thin clients for the undergraduate students, the Canadian Bioinformatics Resource in Alberta is able to expand its network of universities and government research laboratories across Canada.

University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota selected Sun for an enterprise consolidation solution, which is comprised of a Sun Fire E25K server, a Sun Fire V440 server, eight Sun Fire V240 servers, 11 Sun Fire V210 servers, and two Sun Blade(tm) 150 workstations, all running the Solaris 9 OS and supporting PeopleSoft applications and an Oracle9i database. The data center solution was built and delivered ready-to-deploy via Sun's Customer Ready Systems program. Sun Services is providing assistance with architecture design and implementation. A Sun Fire(sm)Application Readiness Service will be part of the configuration, testing and deployment of the Sun Fire platform. To help sustain high availability and reliability, the University has a two-year SunSpectrum Gold(sm) support agreement from Sun Services.

Videotron Ltee
Videotron Ltee, a subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc., turned to Sun for assistance in deploying CourrielWeb Videotron. A next-generation, high-speed cable Internet service designed and implemented with the help of Sun Services, CourrielWeb provides the company's 460,000 subscribers with the ability to access their accounts from any standard Web browser Ż anytime, anywhere. Videotron selected the Sun Java Enterprise System software as the core engine for the solution, which provides a highly flexible, scalable and robust foundation for growth.

Vodafone, the world's leading mobile telecommunications company, has selected Sun to define a next-generation Java technology-based platform for Vodafone live! with 3G services. The VodafoneVFX platform will help Vodafone monetize data services and deliver a rich, secure communications experience to Vodafone live! with 3G customers. Vodafone has selected the Sun Java 2 Platform Micro Edition Wireless Toolkit software to simplify application development for developers and the Java Device Test Suite software to help ensure high-quality handset implementation. This will enable 3G content developers and handset manufacturers to increase cost efficiency and reduce development time.

Vodafone Espana
Vodafone Espana selected the Sun Java System Directory Server software and the Solaris OS as the basis for its Common User Repository, commonly referred as CUR. It is a centralized, customer-profile-information repository, which is as part of the Vodafone Service Delivery Platform. Consultants from Sun and iForce Partners helped design the architecture and ongoing management support is being provided by Sun Services.

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