Alligator Technologies Snaps up SoftWIRE's Graphical .NET Technology

7/29/2004 - SoftWIRE Technology announced that its SoftWIRE® graphical programming environment for .NET will be re-sold by Alligator Technologies. A complete library of SoftWIRE-enabled .NET control icons is available from Alligator Technologies for its expanding line of PCI and serial/USB-based instrumentation amplifiers, filters, and signal conditioners. With the powerful SoftWIRE Development Kit/SDK data acquisition, test & measurement, and industrial automation OEMs can create ready-to-use SoftWIRE-enabled (C#-based) controls for use with SoftWIRE for .NET’s intuitive drag-and-drop environment. Now scientists, technicians and engineers can quickly and easily integrate networked “high precision” PC-based data acquisition solutions without writing any code.

"We are pleased to select SoftWIRE Technology's SoftWIRE as our preferred offering for the graphical creation of .NET-based applications," said Robert Galter, President of Alligator Technologies. "Leveraging SoftWIRE allows us to more quickly and easily gain access to powerful .NET-based functions that previously required a significant amount of time to learn and apply."

SoftWIRE’s open architecture is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and, unlike more proprietary and closed graphical programming offerings its library of >250 GUI, DAQ, analysis, data base, and web-oriented functions is easily expanded using the free SoftWIRE Development Kit/SDK. Now the large community of Visual Studio/Visual Studio .NET users, and anyone with a basic understanding of either VB.NET or C#. NET, can quickly create and integrate custom SoftWIRE-enabled controls/components.

“With only basic knowledge of C++ and no exposure to C# we created a complete family of SoftWIRE-based controls for our AAF-3PCI series of programmable filters/instrumentation amplifiers in only a couple of days. The SDK provided me with all I needed, including source code, sample applications, and template files to call my existing (C++) API functions. The SDK dramatically reduced my development time and enabled me to get to market faster with a .NET-based solution."

All SoftWIRE-enabled controls are compiled C# functions and are fully compatible with any Visual Studio .NET programming language. So, in addition to being used within SoftWIRE’s “Icon and Wire” design editor where non-programmers graphically create their applications, SoftWIRE controls can be used by programmers to more quickly integrate custom applications. Once completed, all compiled SoftWIRE applications (.exe’s) can be distributed royalty-free.

“Alligator Technologies will provide a library of SoftWIRE-based .exe’s featuring fill-in-the-blank menus for all hardware settings, choice of real-time displays, and choice oflinkages to popular analysis, reporting, and data base offerings.” said Alligator’s Robert Galter. “We will also expand our SoftWIRE-based offering to include ready-to-run applications for specific applications in the transportation, aerospace, acoustic, and other markets where there is a growing need for high-integrity data, free of compromising high-frequency signals."

Alligator Technologies signal conditioners, strain gage and piezo-bridge amplifiers, low-pass/high-pass/band-pass filters, and instrumentation amplifiers can be used with most A/D boards, and SoftWIRE can integrate any third-party DAQ hardware. However, SoftWIRE includes DAQ controls for all Measurement Computing Corporation PCI, cPCI, and USB-based products.

“Now user’s can combine best-of-breed components from a leading supplier of filters/amplifiers and a leading supplier of PC plug-in DAQ boards and quickly integrate them using a common, easy-to-use graphical programming environment,” saidBen Bailey, President of Measurement Computing Corporation. “Now users can benefit from a highly integrated but flexible environment available from leading DAQ component suppliers with proven PC-based measurement expertise. Integrating value-priced solutions for high data integrity applications has never been easier."

About SoftWIRE Technology
SoftWIRE Technology is a privately-held company based in Middleboro, Massachusetts, and was founded in 1999 to fill a void in the graphical programming sector. The product line is now in its fourth generation, and has more than 1300 clients and a rapidly growing number of OEMs composed of PC-based DAQ component and instrument suppliers. Additional information about SoftWIRE and SoftWIRE Technology can be found at

About Alligator Technologies
Alligator Technologies is a privately held company based in Costa Mesa, California, and was founded in 1984 to provide a menu-driven software package for FFT analysis. Over the past 20 years, the company has expanded its hardware product line to include a wide range of standard and custom signal conditioners, strain-gage and piezo-bridge amplifiers, low-pass/high/pass/band-pass filters and instrumentation amplifiers. Additional information about Alligator Technologies can be found at

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