Microcross Launches Visual GNU X-Tools for SuperH, V85x Microprocessors

7/28/2004 - Microcross released Visual GNU X-Tools Open Source development tools for the SuperH and V85x microprocessor families -- open source, royalty-free, ready-to-runTM. Visual GNU X-Tools, now in its third release over four years, is setting the benchmark for quality, low-cost development tools for embedded development projects. The core GNU tools are based on stable releases that are debugged and patched by Microcross; each toolsuite comes with GCC (C/C++ compilers), LD linker, AR archiver, AS assembler, binary utilities, and Visual GDB debugger.

Microcross' toolsuites also come with an award winning integrated development environment, which is based on Visual SlickEdit®. A developer can evaluate ARM, MIPS32, PowerPC, SuperH, V85x and XScale toolsuites absolutely risk-free for 30 days. Microcross tryouts are fully functional with code editor, project manager, C/C++ compilers, assembler, linker, Instruction Set Simulator (ISS), librarian, utilities, and visual GDB debugger. A developer can use these tools without the actual hardware during the evaluation process using the ISS; therefore, the developer saves time and money while in the evaluation mode.

Pricing: Single seat licenses are priced at $999 each and include free setup support. Optional engineering tech support is sold for $1,000 per project for the first year, which includes telephone and email support, GNU X-Tools Training Guide, free upgrades, and access to the Microcross Web Member Support site.

About Microcross
Microcross is a global provider of Visual GNU X-ToolsTM toolsets and total embedded solutions, training and support services. Visual GNU X-ToolsTM comprises the original GNU X-ToolsTM and its companion, Visual X-ToolsTM IDE, and together are setting a standard for commercially supported, embedded programming tools -- Open Source, Royalty-Free, Ready-to-RunTM. For more information, please browse www.microcross.com, call (478) 953-1907 or email sales@microcross.com

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