XEMICS Rolls Out SlimGPS RGPSM202 Receiver Drop-In Module

7/27/2004 - XEMICS announces the release of their latest GPS module, designed to be as easy as possible for volume manufacturers of consumer products to add location capability with minimal impact on device size whilst retaining power efficiency. The ultra low power SlimGPS® RGPSM202 receivers are fully autonomous modules that provide position, speed and time information derived from the Global Positioning System. The modules have excellent speed accuracy performances and a position accuracy of < 5m. The tracking sensitivity of -143 dBm leads to excellent capabilities in outdoor conditions, including urban areas. Their "slim" small form factor and power consumption turn out to be key advantages for several target applications, including personal handheld receivers, palmtops, PDA's and similar mobile information devices, car navigation, car accessories, and fleet management systems.

They can easily be interfaced with any application controller through a simple serial interface. These low cost solutions come in a small and slim form factor as a drop-in surface mount board that facilitates integration into portable equipment. With their 38 x 26.5 x 3 mm dimensions, the SlimGPS are designed to simplify the embedded system integration process. Using just 25 mA @ 3.3V in full power, the SlimGPS has additional low power modes to maximize energy usage and extend battery lifetime.

The SlimGPS are based on the XEMICS XE1610 mixed hardware/software solution with an embedded 32-bit MCU, on-board RAM for GPS navigation data and an on-board Flash memory back-up. Samples are available now.

SlimGPS® is a XEMICS trademark. Bluetooth® is a SIG registered trademark, used under license by XEMICS.

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