Elma Introduces Fail-Safe AdvancedTCA PICMG 3.0 Handles

7/26/2004 - Elma Electronic Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic packaging products, has announced new AdvancedTCA handles compliant to the PICMG 3.0 specification. The handles utilize a unique two-step design separating the locking/switching function and the extraction function. The result is a fail-safe method of hot swap injection/ejection of the boards.

Elma employs a two-step process in unlatching the handles. The latch is depressed to unlock the handle and activating the switch, allowing time for the blue LED to initiate, showing that the board can now be unplugged. Once unlocked, the handle shafts are simply unlatched to remove the blade. The reverse process takes place during insertion of the blade. As soon as the blade is fully inserted the latch locks the handle positively. The design allows easy adaptation to scope with different locations of the switch, especially in conjunction with Mezzanine card applications.

The Elma two-step technique avoids the problem of other ATCA handles in the marketplace. Some others employ only a one-step process, making the injection/ejection a tricky process. Those handles could be disengaged too quickly, adversely affecting the hot swap process. Further, as the unlocking buttons are located on the main shaft of the handle, ones fingers will often be pressing the unlock button while trying to snap and lock the handles into place. This makes it very difficult to plug the ATCA boards back into the chassis. With Elma's ATCA handles, these problems are avoided.

Elma's two-step ATCA handles are made from stamped sheet metal and a rugged, hard plastic for the unlocking mechanism. For improved ergonomics, the handle louver for the fingers on the shaft have been flattened and rounded. This provides more surface area for a better grip.

Other ATCA accessories from Elma include front panels, filler panels, ESD clips, and ground pin receptacles. Visit www.elma.com for more information on the company's AdvancedTCA chassis, backplanes, and accessories.

About Elma Electronic
Elma Electronic Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of enclosures, backplanes, cabinets, cases, and "ready- to-run" packaging for CPCI, Rugged COTS, VME/64x, VXI,PC and custom bus structures. Elma's component product line offers a wide selection of top quality switches knobs and LED arrays. The company has been a worldwide supplier of dependable, high performance products for over 35 years. Elma operates three facilities in the continental United States plus has locations in Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Israel.

Elma Electronic Inc. is located at 44350 Grimmer Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 USA. Telephone (510) 656-3400 - Fax (510) 656-3783. www.elma.com

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