Renesas Joins AUTOSAR Automotive Standardization Organization

7/22/2004 - Renesas Technology Corp. announced that it has joined AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture)1, an industry partnership working to establish standards for software interfaces and software modules for automobile electronic control systems, as a Premium Member.

In recent years electronic systems have come to be used ever more extensively in automobiles, a trend that is accelerating rapidly. Such systems are used for applications including engine control, body control, safety control, and information systems. As this process has advanced, the share of the software component in the overall development process for automotive control systems has grown substantially. The need is growing for software standardization as a means to improve the efficiency of the development process, and thereby enable even more extensive use of electronic systems in future. Such standardization would allow the reuse in new products of previously developed software as well as making it possible to use the same software in microcomputers and microprocessors from different manufacturers. With this in mind, AUTOSAR was established in July 2003 to promote the standardization of software for the automobile industry, with German automakers playing the central role.

AUTOSAR has a four-tier organization. Renesas Technology has joined the partnership as a Premium Member, part of the second tier of the structure. The top tier, Core Partners, is composed of automakers. Premium Members have the right to submit proposals for standards, whose specifications are eventually drawn up and finalized by AUTOSAR, but they are required to possess a high level of technical accomplishment and to have a proven track record in the automotive semiconductor field.

That Renesas Technology has been recognized as meeting the stringent membership criteria of AUTOSAR indicates the organization's high regard for the company's capability as a general manufacturer of automotive semiconductor components and as a supplier of solutions involving the design and production of high-quality devices, IP development, and provision of software drivers. It also represents an acknowledgement of Renesas Technology's position as the fourth largest supplier of automotive semiconductor components in the world (and the top supplier of such components in Asia)2 Renesas Technology is the first Asian semiconductor manufacturer to join AUTOSAR as a premium member.

In the years ahead Renesas Technology plans to contribute to the advancement of the industry by contributing to the establishment of standardized specifications by AUTOSAR and by continuing to supply outstanding semiconductor and software products.

1. AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) was established in 2003, with corporations such as BMW Group, Robert Bosch GmbH, Continental AG, Daimler Chrysler AG and Volkswagen AG playing central roles, to work toward the establishment of common automotive software standards. There are presently 32 corporate members (core members and premium members). Participating semiconductor manufacturers include Infineon Technologies AG and Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
2. Source: Strategy Analytics

About Renesas Technology Corp.
Renesas Technology Corp. designs and manufactures highly integrated semiconductor system solutions for mobile, automotive and PC/AV markets. Established on April 1, 2003 as a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, NYSE:HIT) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TSE:6503) and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Renesas Technology is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world and world leading microcontroller supplier globally. Besides microcontrollers, Renesas Technology offers system-on-chip devices, Smart Card ICs, mixed-signal products, flash memories, SRAMs and more.

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