Atmel First to Offer 32-Mbit FPGA Configuration Memories

7/21/2004 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) introduced the only commercially available FPGA configuration ICs to provide single-chip configuration storage for FPGAs with as many as 8-million gates. The 32-megabit AT17F32 and AT17F32A have four times the density of any commercially available competing device. The AT17F32 is the only FPGA configuration device available in production quantities that can store all 29 Mbits of configuration data required for Virtex IITM XC2V6000, XC2V8000 and Virtex II ProTM XC2VP50 and XC2VP70 FPGAs. The AT17F32A provides single-chip storage for APEXTM EP2A70, StratixTM EP1S60 and EPS180 and Stratix IITM FPGAs.

AT17F32/A devices have a memory paging capability that also allows the single-chip storage of as many as four different FPGA bit streams, reducing chip count and board real-estate in multiple FPGA systems. This capability is particularly useful in high resolution video entertainment applications such as large plasma display panels and commercial display modules.

Plasma display panels can need as many as three different FPGA configurations to interface to multiple controllers. Historically, each configuration has required its own EEPROM. Using the paging capability in the AT17F32/A, all three configurations can be stored in a single IC, drastically reducing board sized, system complexity and system cost.

Large commercial video display modules, such as those in New Yorkís Timeís Square, can contain 50 or more 17-inch square panels, each of which requires its own configuration bit-stream. By using the paging capability of Atmelís AT17F32/A, designers can reduce the number of EEPROMs required to store the configuration data by 75%.

When used with lower density FPGAs (e.g. any EP20Kxxxxx, EP1Sxx, XC2Vxxx, or XCVxxx) the memory that is not required for configuration data may be used as general purpose, non-volatile data storage, saving additional board space and materials costs.

The AT17F32 and AT17F32A offer 33 Mbit/s data transfer rate, page select pin options for storing different versions of the FPGA bit stream, and a simple 2-wire protocol. The device operates at 3.3V and may be programmed in-system in just 20 seconds using industry standard programmers, including Atmelís ATDH2200E programming kit.

The two memories are the newest members of Atmel's AT17F family of LHF (lead and halide free) FPGA configuration memories which are available in densities of 65Kb, 128Kb, 256Kb, 512Kb, 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb, 16Mb and 32 Mb.

Atmelís 32 Mbit AT17F32 and AT17F32A FPGA configuration memories are available immediately in a 44-pin PLCC package and are priced at $24 in quantities of 100,000 units.

About Atmel
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