Lattice Introduces ispLEVER 4.1 for LatticeECP-DSP and LatticeEC FPGAs

7/20/2004 - Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) announced its ispLEVER® version 4.1 design tool suite, which includes design support for the recently introduced LatticeECP-DSPTM and LatticeECTM FPGA device families.

The Lattice ispLEVER software suite is a well established and broadly installed programmable logic design tool platform, supporting all Lattice programmable logic devices. The ispLEVER solution includes all the tools needed to move a programmable logic design from concept through implementation. This complete software suite includes tools for efficient design entry, project management, design fitting, place and route, floorplanning, device programming, on-chip logic analysis and more. The ispLEVER design tools also include third party solutions for HDL synthesis and simulation from Synplicity and Mentor Graphics, assuring users of superior synthesis and simulation results.

New ispLEVER 4.1 enhancements provide users a simple and straightforward upgrade path to designing with the new Lattice FPGA families, while retaining the familiar and easy-to-use ispLEVER interface. This new software release also improves the design libraries and fitting engines for all Lattice programmable logic families, and adds support for the new ispXPGA-ETM low-cost FPGAs and ispGDX2-ETM programmable crosspoint switches. The ispLEVER 4.1 release also includes new versions of third party synthesis and simulation tools from Synplicity and Mentor Graphics and, for the first time, supports the Linux OS.

"Our new ispLEVER 4.1 design tools will unlock the unique capabilities of our LatticeECP-DSP and LatticeEC FPGA technologies," said Stan Kopec, Lattice vice president of corporate marketing. "With ispLEVER 4.1, designers can quickly implement their FPGA designs on these exciting new product families that have been optimized for both economy and exceptional performance, while taking advantage of industry-leading features that include dedicated high performance DSP blocks, DDR interfaces and low-cost memory configuration options."

Lattice vice president of software Chris Fanning said, "ispLEVER 4.1 delivers enhanced capability, performance, and ease-of-use to our customers. Our continued consultations with experienced FPGA designers provide invaluable input to our development process and help us deliver a first-class FPGA design environment."

In anticipation of the growing demand for Linux-based design solutions, ispLEVER 4.1 will be available on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 3 operating system. The ispLEVER 4.1 design tools also include DSP blocks for use in the MATLAB/Simulink DSP design environment, available separately from The Mathworks. These DSP blocks can be used to build DSP solutions, within the MATLAB/Simulink environment, that can then be exported in HDL optimized for the LatticeECP-DSP FPGA architecture.

Availability and pricing
The ispLEVER 4.1 design tools are available now in a variety of PC-, UNIX- and Linux-based configurations. List prices begin at $995. All registered users of Lattice software with a valid maintenance agreement will receive the 4.1 upgrade at no charge within the next thirty days.

About the LatticeECP-DSP and LatticeEC FPGA Families
Introduced June 28, 2004, the LatticeECP-DSP and LatticeEC FPGA device families are architected to provide the most optimized feature sets combined with the lowest total solution costs of any FPGAs. The new LatticeECP-DSP ("EConomyPlusDSP") products, targeted for high-performance DSP applications, provide up to a 50% performance and 75% logic utilization improvement over other low-cost solutions when implementing common DSP functions. The LatticeEC ("EConomy") FPGA product family, targeted for general-purpose FPGA applications, is a precise and targeted response to the market's explosive demand for low-cost, architecturally streamlined logic solutions. Through advanced 130nm silicon technology, an optimized architecture and proprietary circuit design, the new Lattice devices lower total solution costs by up to 30% to 50% compared with existing FPGA solutions, and are expected to broaden the adoption of FPGAs within the $20 billion ASIC marketplace.

About Lattice Semiconductor
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation designs, develops and markets the broadest range of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), Field Programmable System Chips (FPSC) and high-performance ISPTM Programmable Logic Devices (PLD), including Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD), Programmable Analog Chips (PACTM), and Programmable Digital Interconnect (GDXTM). Lattice also offers industry leading SERDES products. Lattice is "Bringing the Best Together" with comprehensive solutions for today's system designs, delivering innovative programmable silicon products that embody leading-edge system expertise.

Lattice products are sold worldwide through an extensive network of independent sales representatives and distributors, primarily to OEM customers in the fields of communications, computing, computer peripherals, instrumentation, industrial controls and military systems. Company headquarters are located at 5555 NE Moore Court, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-6421, USA; telephone 503-268-8000, fax 503-268-8037. For more information about Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, visit

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