dSPACE Equips DS1005 PPC Board with 750GX PowerPC Processor

7/19/2004 - The core of many dSPACE Simulators, the DS1005 PPC Board, is now equipped with the most powerful processor in the PowerPC family, the 750GX. The DS1005 is ideal for computing models with low sampling rates and high I/O capacity, such as engine models. With its 933-MHz processor and large level-2 cache, it is up to three times as fast as its predecessor, depending on the size of the real-time model. Access to the 1-MB level-2 cache has also been optimized.

The DS1005 is used not only in hardware-in-the-loop simulation, but also in designing functions for electronic control units (ECUs). Testing ECU functions helps to find errors in the model - so manufacturers avoid recall campaigns due to errors in the transmission or engine control.

The Processor Board in a Multiprocessor SystemTM
The new DS1005 is completely compatible with its predecessor versions, which had 480 MHz and 800 MHz. It can also be used in a modular system with all dSPACE I/O boards. When used with a DS2211 HIL I/O Board, for example, it can test the entire controller model of a 6?cylinder engine.

Old and new boards can be combined in the same multiprocessor system. Performance can be boosted even further by linking up to 20 processor boards in a multiprocessor system. This means that development systems can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

Working with the DS1005 PPC Board
The DS1005 PPC Board can be programmed completely from the Simulink® block diagram environment. Graphical programming makes even multiprocessor systems easy to design. All programs and models compiled for an older version also run on the new board.

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