Valde Systems Debuts VS1501 DSP Stereo Image Processor for Machine Vision

7/16/2004 - Continuing to reduce waste and control costs in the manufacturing process while simultaneously improving their overall product quality, Valde Systems, Inc., a startup in the field of stereo image-processing hardware announced the VS1501 DSP stereo image processor from Valde Systems based on the TMS320DM642 digital media processor from Texas Instruments (TI). The VS1501 is a high performance, low cost customizable image processor. It is part of a machine-vision inspection system that typically sits on a production line. By analyzing images from a video camera, it identifies defective parts, and removes them from the line before more resources are wasted on them. For more information, please see:

The VS1501 DSP stereo image processor is based on TI's DM642 digital media processor which allows it to achieve performance levels comparable to a desktop PC, at a lower price/ power point. The DM642 is optimal for stereo image processing applications because with three integrated video ports, it removes the traditional system bottleneck of transferring video data over the external memory bus. With the DM642, video data is easily accessible by the TMS320C64x(TM) DSP core.

"The products from TI play a central role in allowing us to hit our price/performance target," explains Matthew Linder, president and CEO of Valde Systems, Inc. "Without the breakthrough performance levels of the TMS320DM642 DSPs or their complete IEEE-1394 FireWire product portfolio, our VS1501 DSP image processor would not have been able to meet its price, performance and power goals."

The VS1501 is just one of the products Valde Systems has designed to bring high performance and low power usage to the image processing marketplace at a price that's affordable and in a configuration that's small, adaptable and portable. Industrial inspection is only one role the Valde Systems VS1501 can perform. Its stereo functionality is well suited for autonomous-robot navigation, smart security cameras and facial recognition for controlled- access areas.

"With TI's complete portfolio of products, from power to PHYs and from logic gates to the digital media processor, Texas Instruments provides almost one-stop shopping for us at Valde Systems," said Linder. "And with TI's customer support, our product development always goes smoothly."

In order to offer options to individual manufacturers setting up their own systems and to OEMs alike, Valde Systems engineers are developing new configurations of their versatile VS1501 DSP stereo image processor as well as Smart Cameras and PCI Accelerators that can use basically the same code.

"Valde Systems products are examples of how TI's latest generation of DSPs are opening up new video and imaging applications," said Thomas Brooks, C64x product marketing manager, TI. "Computation intensive video processing functions that previous processors would not be able to handle can now be run in real time using a digital media processor that contains a DSP core. The DM64x(TM) suite of digital media processors enable customers such as Valde Systems to improve system performance and lower system cost."

About Valde Systems
Valde Systems, Inc. is a startup in the field of stereo image processing hardware. The stereo capability allows better performance in applications such as facial recognition, intelligent security cameras, autonomous robotics, and industrial automation. Valde Systems seeks to leverage the IEEE-1394 FireWire standard, the recently approve IEEE-1588 network timing standard, and the latest generation of Pentium 4 comparable DSPs to build image processing hardware that sets a new price/performance point. For more information, please see:

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