PowerDsine Debuts PoE Midspan for Low Density Wireless LAN Installations

7/14/2004 - PowerDsineTM, a pioneer in Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, has announced the availability of its 3006 PoE Midspan, the industry's first 6-port PoE Midspan designed specifically for the Small Medium Business (SMB) market, where Wireless LAN adoption is increasing rapidly. The 3006 PoE Midspans allow an easy, simple and cost-effective way for SMBs to deploy low-density installations of powered terminals, such as Wireless LAN Access Points (WLAN APs), network security cameras and Internet Protocol (IP) phones.

The 3006 Midspan is the latest product to emerge from PowerDsine's PoE midspan portfolio. For WLAN deployments, the PowerDsine 3006 PoE Midspan supports up to six WLAN APs, replacing current 1-port power injector solutions that only support one dedicated powered terminal. Using multiple 1-port power injectors for low-density WLAN installations creates a mess for SMB IT managers who require a scalable solution to support their WLAN AP installations. The 3006 Midspan is compliant with the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard and supports pre-standard terminals as well.

"While wireless LAN access points are installed today using PoE in many markets, the small- to medium-sized business market has not had a multiple port midspan solution available to suit its budget requirements and deployment needs," said Igal Rotem, CEO and Co-Founder of PowerDsine. "We believe that the 3006 6-port PoE solution will reduce costs and accelerate deployment times by eliminating one-port power injector solutions for low-density wireless LAN installations."

Product Availability
The PowerDsine 3006 Power over Ethernet 6-port Midspan is available immediately and carries a list price of $399. For more information, please call +1-631-756-4680 or sales@powerdsineusa.com.

About Power over Ethernet Technology
PoE is a technology for wired Ethernet, the most widely installed local area network technology in use today. PoE allows the electrical power necessary for the operation of each device, to be carried by data cables rather than by separate power cords. It minimizes the number of wires that must be used in order to install the network, resulting in lower cost, less downtime, easier maintenance and greater installation flexibility.

PoE also potentially reduces the cost of installing end devices such as IP phones, network security cameras and wireless LAN access points. Because the network switches also can deliver power through the standard Ethernet infrastructure, the need to connect each end terminal to separate electrical wires and install additional AC power outlets is eliminated. Also, used with a single central back- up power-supply, PoE can provide customers with uninterruptible power for critical applications such as IP (Internet protocol) phones, security cameras, entry loggers and other powered data terminals.

About PowerDsine
PowerDsineTM (NASDAQ: PDSN) designs, develops and supplies integrated circuits, modules and systems that enable the implementation of Power over Ethernet in local area networks, providing the capability to deliver and manage electrical power over data network cables. PowerDsine offers integrated products and system solutions to communications equipment manufacturers in the telecom and datacom industries who incorporate them into, or bundle them with, their products. PowerDsine is a founding member of the IEEE 802.3af Task Force. For more information, please visit http://www.powerdsine.com

PowerDsine is a registered trademark of PowerDsine Ltd.

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