Cirrus Logic Unveils Two New Multi-Channel Class-D Digital Amplifiers

7/14/2004 - Cirrus Logic Inc. (Nasdaq: CRUS), a leading supplier of digital audio ICs, has introduced two new multi-channel Class-D digital amplifier controllers that promise improved audio performance compared with previous digital amplifier products. These new pin-compatible products, the CS44600 and CS44800, are tailored for next-generation home theater products such as audio/video receivers, DVD receivers and home theater recorders.

"What Cirrus Logic has done that is so impressive is not only that these new digital amplifiers offer high performance but also that consideration has been given to manufacturability in the marketplace which is what has stalled widespread adoption of Class-D amplifier solutions thus far," said Derrick Robinson, senior analyst at IMS Research.

Digital amplifiers help enable smaller, lighter, more efficient home-theater products that require less power compared to traditional analog amplifiers, which are typically larger, heavier and emit more heat, thus requiring larger heat sinks.

"The CS44600 and CS44800 represent a major breakthrough in digital amplifier technology," said Sanjay Voleti, Mixed-Signal Products marketing manager, Cirrus Logic. "Through technical innovations, Cirrus Logic has been able to mitigate audio noise that is introduced from power supplies. This will be a big plus to our customers, because it will enable greatly improved audio quality."

Supported by a full 7.1 channel reference design to speed products to market, the six-channel CS44600 and the eight-channel CS44800 improve upon current-generation digital amplifier products through technology enhancements that will help enable system designers lower costs while simultaneously improving audio quality. Both new chips incorporate Cirrus Logic-patented power-supply rejection technology, which enables single-ended outputs and compensates for the power-supply noise that can affect sound quality, allowing designers to use lower-cost power supplies. Each chip features an integrated sample rate converter that minimizes the effects of clock jitter, enabling high-quality sound with a system dynamic range of greater than 100 dB, as well as Cirrus Logic's patented Popguard technology, which minimizes the clicks and pops often associated with single-ended outputs.

Pricing and Availability
The CS44600 and CS44800 are currently sampling to key Cirrus Logic customers and are available in a 64-pin LQFP package. The CS44600 is priced at $3.27 in 10,000 quantities, and the CS44800 is priced at $3.55 in 10,000 quantities.

Cirrus Logic Inc.
Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital processing solutions for consumer entertainment electronics, automotive entertainment and industrial product applications. Building on its global market leadership in audio ICs and its rich mixed-signal patent portfolio, Cirrus Logic targets audio, video and precision mixed-signal applications in these growing markets. The company operates from headquarters in Austin, Texas, with offices in California, Colorado, Europe, Japan and Asia.

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