Winchester Systems Debuts FlashDisk SATA EX-1610 and EX-1620 Chassis

7/12/2004 - Winchester Systems, a leading data storage solutions company, announced the FlashDisk SATA EX-1610 and EX-1620 enclosure chassis, permitting scaling of data storage configurations to 200 terabytes while enabling both Fibre Channel primary data storage and secondary storage simultaneously within the same physical storage array. The SATA enclosure provides inexpensive, enterprise scale data storage capacity expansion for storage area networks and network attached storage, as well as direct attached storage environments, using highly cost effective SATA disk technology.

Coupled with the FX-700 from Winchester Systems, the SATA enclosure chassis can support large configurations of dedicated secondary storage, or allow the mixing of Fibre Channel with SATA technologies in the same array. The EX-1610 features a 2Gbps Fibre Channel I/O interface for maximum data throughput, while the EX-1620 adds a redundant Fibre Channel data path for high availability configurations. Both SATA products feature a high performance controller to interface from Fibre Channel to the SATA disks.

Jan Sutton, Product Marketing Manager at Winchester Systems, explained, "The SATA enclosure chassis uses the latest SATA disk drives for maximum storage capacity in a 3U enclosure and provides high performance Fibre Channel connections to that storage to satisfy the requirements of a broad range of secondary storage applications. With 250 GB SATA drives, capacity can be scaled to over 200 terabytes in as few as four data cabinets."

The new SATA enclosure can be attached to host systems through the FX series of high performance Fibre Channel storage arrays, attached to a FlashNAS network-attached storage appliance as a direct attached storage device, or further scaled within a SAN environment via combinations of complementary RAID data storage elements from Winchester Systems.

The SATA enclosure leverages the continuous improvements in cost per megabyte achieved through high capacity SATA disk drives while providing better performance and reliability than systems based on PATA technology. They are well suited to applications such as near line storage, disk-to-disk or disk-to-disk-to-tape backup, and other jobs that are not in a production environment. For production environments Winchester Systems continues to offer the latest capabilities in Fibre Channel and SCSI data storage technologies.

FlashDisk SATA is an integral part of the FlashDisk storage array family from Winchester Systems and is fully supported by its FlashConsole and FlashAlert storage management system, which provide a common management structure across all products including Fibre Channel, SCSI, and SATA data storage.

Pricing and Delivery
Available now, list pricing starts at $6,341.

About Winchester Systems
Winchester Systems provides network-attached storage, DAS direct attached storage and storage area network enterprise storage solutions. These solutions include high performance SCSI, SATA and Fibre Channel RAID disk arrays, tape backup devices and other high performance commercial and military grade data storage for mid-range servers including Windows, Linux, and UNIX. For more information visit Winchester Systems on the web at

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