SPIRIT Speeds Fax Transmission with Super G3 Fax Software

7/9/2004 - SPIRIT (www.spiritdsp.com), the biggest eXpressDSP software house in Europe (Texas Instruments processor sales data), introduces its new software product - Super G3 Fax.

How much time does it usually take you to send/receive a fax? If you need to send several 10-page documents it may take half an hour.

Data transmission becomes faster and more reliable thanks to the superior V.34 modem implemented in SPIRIT Super G3 Fax solution; fax-to-fax connection set up is also accelerated.

Super G3 fax machines significantly reduce fax phone charges by reaching transmission speed as high as two seconds per A4 page. So bills are reduced and less time is spent standing at the machine. Multiple faxes can be received without blocking the line, saving even more time.

SPIRIT Super G3 Fax uses ECM (Error Correction Mode) to eliminate artifacts and distortions common for fax documents, so quality of transmitted text and images does not deteriorate. The smallest details will be transmitted exactly as is, keeping all information not only recognizable and readable but simply the same as the original text. It's even possible to fax paper money or any other picture with difficult background - SPIRIT Super G3 Fax will perfectly cope with this.

The solution adjusts fax transmission speed to optimize performance and transmission times, providing businesses of all sizes with performance, reliability and security suitable for mission-critical fax server deployments. It's truly a winning combination.

The solution can be used in ordinary fax machines as well as in store-and-forward fax relays using e-mail (e.g. T.37), FTP services, or even in call centers capable of storing voice & fax mail.

Visit http://www.spiritdsp.com/superg3fax.html to get more information on SPIRIT Super G3 Fax.

SPIRIT (www.spiritDSP.com) is a prominent supplier of high-quality software products for audio and telecom industries. SPIRIT's flexible licensing model includes cost efficient product customization to specific clients' needs. SPIRIT communication software works within hardware solutions from clients including Atmel, Furuno, JRC, NEC, Nortel Networks, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Tadiran, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba among 100+ other OEMs. Texas Instruments is shipping SPIRIT's software ROM-ed into TI C54CST processor.

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