Agilent's Optocouplers Protect World's Largest Plasma Display Panel

7/8/2004 - Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced that its miniature optocouplers have been incorporated into a new 80-inch plasma display panel (PDP) developed by Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. Optocouplers isolate sensitive circuitry from high-voltage surges by converting high-voltage electricity into light, preventing costly damage to the PDP.

The space-saving design of Agilent's optocouplers allowed Samsung to integrate a large number of these devices into its PDP. Samsung's breakthrough 80-inch PDP provides 1,920 x 1,080 high-density pixel resolution, offers more than 133 million colors, and is compatible with high-definition television (HDTV). Its size and color brilliance makes this PDP ideal for convention halls and other large venues. Samsung's PDP is expected to begin shipping in the second half of 2004.

"The optocouplers designed into our industry-leading PDP were selected based on their technical specs, quality, reliability and Agilent's consistent delivery," said Yoon Jeom-Hong, chief manager of Purchasing, at Samsung SDI. "We look forward to continuing our win-win relationship with Agilent as we grow our PDP business."

High-resolution and large-panel displays require a large number of driver-integrated circuits to be packed in limited board space, making the size of PDP components a critical issue. Agilent's dual-channel optocouplers save space by at least 40 percent, compared with two conventional single-channel devices.

"We are pleased that Samsung SDI has chosen our optocouplers for their cutting-edge PDP," said Chong Tze Siong, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Isolation Products Division. "The display industry is growing by leaps and bounds as innovative new technologies hit the market. We are delighted that our optocouplers can be part of this exciting product introduction."

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