Solid Introduces Autonomic Data Management Platform 4.2

7/7/2004 - Solid Information Technology Corp., the first provider of an Autonomic Data Management Platform, announced the general availability of the next version of its platform, release 4.2.

Solid is frequently used in a hot standby configuration to support carrier-grade highly available applications. In Version 4.2, Solid adds a “1-Safe” hot standby option to its existing 2-Safe configurations. This option provides higher application throughput for systems with lower data reliability requirements, offering an improvement in speed of over ten times compared with the highest reliability option. This adds to the already flexible safeness and durability options that allow Solid customers unprecedented flexibility in tuning their applications for data reliability and application throughput.

The new release strengthens the self-managing aspects of the platform by making it easier to detect and modify server behavior at run time, allowing operations like a switch between running in hot standby and standalone modes, or switching to a new secondary machine for hot standby operations. In addition, new features in Version 4.2 make it easier to dynamically upgrade a Solid data manager that is used in a high availability application without disrupting continuous operations.

Solid enhanced its asynchronous data replication facility, Solid SmartFlow, to allow the traffic between masters and replicas to be compressed. Client/server traffic may also be compressed in Version 4.2, further reducing Solid’s consumption of bandwidth, reducing transaction times, and enhancing application throughput.

As part of its commitment to continuously increasing performance, Solid announced that it had doubled the speed of look-ups to in-memory tables. Version 4.2 also includes many minor performance improvements.

As well, Solid announced support for a new platform: Linux on PowerPC hardware.

“In every Solid release you will see us expanding the autonomic envelope,” said Ari Valtanen, CTO and co-founder of Solid. “In Version 4.2 we focused on the self-configuring and self-optimizing axes. We have a clear roadmap of how we and our customers want the product to evolve, and the on-time delivery of Version 4.2 is an important step in that journey.”

Said Jussi Harvela, Solid president and CEO, “Solid engineering continues to deliver the innovation that our customers seek. Version 4.2 makes it even simpler to manage Solid installations, and the performance gains in 4.2 keep Solid at the forefront in providing data management for some of the world’s most challenging applications.”

About Solid Autonomic Data Management PlatformTM
The Solid Autonomic Data Management Platform is the first example of a data management solution that assures developers the data will take care of itself. The Solid platform supports the creation of applications that are self-configuring, self-healing, self-optimizing and self-protecting. The Solid Autonomic Data Management Platform is a software suite made up of three tightly coupled components:

This optimized combination is encapsulated in a low-maintenance framework to create an easy-to-manage platform that can take care of sophisticated data management needs in complex environments like network infrastructure applications running on blade servers. Solid customers realize dramatically reduced cost of development and reduced time to market. Their customers see a compellingly low total cost of ownership (TCO).

About Solid
Solid Information Technology Corp. delivers the first next-generation Autonomic Data Management Platform. Built on a sophisticated architectural foundation, Solid’s solutions power inherently distributed applications in the network infrastructure, telematics, digital content delivery and retail applications. Small and large visionary companies including Alcatel, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Lantern Communications, Nokia, Nortel, Sonim and Turin Networks use Solid technology in their solutions to build high-performance, fault-tolerant, and scalable smart applications. Solid is a privately held company with worldwide headquarters in Mountain View, California. The company also has regional offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. For more information, visit the Solid web site at

The Solid logo, Solid Autonomic Data Management Platform, Solid Autonomic Data Management Suite, Solid EmbeddedEngine, Solid BoostEngine, and Solid SmartFlow are trademarks of Solid Information Technology Corp.

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