TTPCom's EDGE Technology Leads to Innostream's Multimedia Handsets

7/7/2004 - TTPCom Ltd, the world’s leading independent supplier of digital wireless technology, and Korean manufacturer Innostream Inc., announce the selection of TTPCom’s EDGE protocol software for the development of Innostream’s next generation multimedia handsets. With data rates up to three times those available on GPRS networks, Innostream’s EDGE handsets will be able to deploy data-intensive 3G type services including video downloads, high-speed Internet access and location based services, across the growing number of EDGE-capable networks worldwide¹. The new handsets will use chipsets supplied by Analog Devices and the combination of TTPCom’s EDGE software with Analog Devices’ hardware is a proven technology platform that delivers a fast time to market.

“Innostream is committed to developing high quality multimedia handsets and by upgrading to EDGE technology we can deliver an even more exciting user experience. We see huge potential for EDGE handsets around the world and with TTPCom’s proven technology and excellent support we are aiming to launch products early in 2005”, said Mr Gijong Lim, CEO of Innostream. “We have built a very successful GSM/GPRS handset business using TTPCom’s technology and have good market share in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. We are now concentrating on strengthening our position in Europe and over the next year are planning to set up branch offices in the UK, Italy, Germany, Russia and Turkey”.

“There has been a steady increase in the number of network operators worldwide who have committed to deploying EDGE; not only is the upgrade from GPRS fast and cost effective but the opportunity to develop additional revenue generating services from higher data rates is proving very attractive. In China a number of EDGE trials are underway which will open up the world’s largest mobile phone market for EDGE products; with all this activity we’re seeing a huge increase in demand for our EDGE technology and have signed 3 licences during May alone,” stated Richard Walker, Managing Director of TTPCom’s Software Business Unit. “TTPCom’s EDGE platform builds on a solid GSM/GPRS base that is the most widespread independent platform in the industry. With such extensive testing and with such a solid foundation, we are providing handset manufacturers like Innostream with a fast and efficient entry into this growing market”.

TTPCom’s EDGE software has undergone extensive interoperability testing with leading infrastructure providers, test equipment vendors and wireless operators. Results from testing have demonstrated that TTPCom’s EDGE platform can sustain industry leading data rates up to 216 kilobits per second, enabling network operators and handset manufacturers to start rolling out 3G-style services, such as video streaming, before 3G infrastructure is deployed.

With today’s Innostream announcement TTPCom has released details of 5 licensees for its EDGE protocol software - LG Electronics, Pantech, Sierra Wireless and Siemens ICM WM, who are developing the MC75 EDGE module.

A Complete Software Solution- from Protocols to Applications
TTPCom’s 3G/EDGE/GPRS/GSM protocol stacks are fully integrated with the company's Ajar Platform. The Ajar Platform delivers a pre-integrated set of applications and services plus a sophisticated toolset for fast customisation of the User Interface. The Ajar Platform increases the productivity and flexibility of handset development teams enabling manufacturers to develop differentiated handsets with open OS style functionality, rapidly and economically. The Ajar Platform is delivered as an assured system solution, with up to two releases per year; key applications and services in the 2004 release include PoC, WAP2.0 browser, MMS, gaming, media player, MPEG4, MP3 and a range of Java (JSR) applications.

Growth of EDGE Worldwide
According to GSA, the Global Mobile Suppliers Association, 87 network operators in 59 countries have committed to deploy EDGE for the delivery of next generation services. The number of networks currently offering commercial EDGE-enabled services is 23 across North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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