Adaptive Digital Ports DSP Algorithms to Pentium PCs on Linux or Windows

7/6/2004 - Adaptive Digital Technologies' DSP algorithms now available on Pentium-based PCs running either Linux or Windows. To expand the usability of its' software to include desktop/embedded application developers, Adaptive Digital has ported many of its DSP algorithms to establish a new product line targeted to run on the standard Pentium processor. The porting of Adaptive Digital's DSP software algorithms provides application developers, middleware vendors, and system developers access to the resources needed to design, develop, and deploy innovative telephony solutions at the PC level. This implementation of Adaptive Digital's DSP algorithms will allow PC's to perform real-time professional quality audio processing.

A voice recording system is a typical application. In many voice recording systems, a TI DSP(tm) is used to compress speech signals in real time prior to storing the information to a hard disk. At a later time, an operator sitting at a PC needs to play back the recorded signal. Prior to doing so, a PC application must decode the compressed data. An Adaptive Digital PC-based speech decoder algorithm can be integrated into such a PC applications to perform the decoding.

Potential applications may include:

The algorithms, originally developed for DSP platforms, have retained all of the high quality standards of our field-tested conventional line of products. AT&T certification of Adaptive Digital's patented G.168 Echo Canceller extends to the PC implemented version because the PC-based algorithms are bit-exact compared to our DSP-based algorithms. The tone detectors share the benefit of low processor utilization because they employ the same proprietary algorithm that was developed for our DSP-based detectors. Similarly, our noise reduction shares the same voice quality as our DSP-based one. The Application Program Interface (API) is provided as a C-callable function library to be easily integrated into an end application. This translates directly to time and money savings in development and support, while helping developers to bring a quality product to market.

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About Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc.
With over eleven years of experience in the application of DSP in the area of voiceband communications, Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc. ( offers highly optimized carrier-grade DSP Software building blocks such as telephony algorithms, speech compression, and echo cancellation, packaged to meet all applications. Adaptive Digital's DSP 'Chip' Solutions are a collection of DSP algorithms and Texas Instruments hardware components, which together handle signal-processing tasks for specific end equipment. Adaptive Digital's ipPhoneChip(tm), G.PAK(tm)Chip, G.168 Echo Canceller Chip, and Conferencing Chip, lets system designers leverage proven solutions, allowing them to focus their efforts on rapid product development. Adaptive Digital is a member of the TI's TMS320(tm) Third Party Program, the most extensive collection of Digital Signal Processing development support in the industry.

TI DSP(tm) and TMS320(tm) are trademarks of Texas Instruments

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