Enhanced Synplify and Amplify FPGA Software Offer Improved Results

7/6/2004 - Synplicity® Inc. (Nasdaq: SYNP), a leading supplier of software for the design and verification of semiconductors, announced it has enhanced the latest versions of its Synplify® FPGA synthesis and Amplify® FPGA physical synthesis software to deliver significantly higher quality of results (QoR) improvements for complex FPGA devices. With these enhancements to its industry-leading FPGA synthesis software, Synplicity believes designers will experience improvements in their devices' timing performance, as well as achieve significant area/cost advantages. On average, the latest version of the Synplify software enables users to achieve a ten percent area optimization improvement for Altera's low-cost CycloneTM FPGA devices and a five percent improvement on timing performance for Xilinx's Virtex-II Pro Platform FPGA devices, compared with previous versions of the software. Designers using devices from other FPGA vendors are expected to experience similar improvements. With these improved results, designers can maximize design performance, often enabling them to use a lower speed grade device, which can save tens of thousands of dollars in silicon costs.

“We believe this announcement furthers Synplicity's FPGA synthesis leadership position and delivers on the company's goal to consistently provide our customers with best-in-class quality of results,” said Jeff Garrison, director of marketing for FPGA products at Synplicity. “The latest versions of our software emphasize area optimization for low-cost devices such as Altera's Cyclone and Xilinx's Spartan families, resulting in significant cost reduction opportunities, while improving timing optimization for high-capacity FPGAs, such as Altera's Stratix® II, Xilinx's Virtex-II Pro and Actel's ProASIC Plus. Our timing-driven synthesis algorithms allow users to specify the performance required and then optimize for area once their speed is met, resulting in a cost-effective implementation.”

“With Synplicity's synthesis and physical synthesis software, customers now have access to leading-edge tools and design flows that maximize performance, but also result in smaller designs,” said Tim Southgate, Altera's vice president of software and tools marketing. “Synplicity's efforts on area optimization for our low-cost Cyclone family deliver even more cost savings for our customers.”

According to Steve Lass, director, software marketing at Xilinx, Inc., “Synplicity continues to deliver FPGA synthesis products that offer excellent quality of results and productivity advantages specifically optimized for our high-performance devices. By adding enhancements, such as the improved RAM inferencing, to the latest versions of its synthesis software, Synplicity will enable our mutual customers to achieve even greater timing performance for our Virtex-II Pro and Spartan-3 families than was possible with previous versions.”

Enhancements to the Synplify software include improved support for mixed-language designs; enhanced RAM inferencing; hierarchical area reporting for RAMs, DSP and black boxes; and clock enable extraction for ALTSYNCRAM in Altera devices. In addition, the Amplify physical synthesis software now provides enhanced timing correlation between pre- and post-results, leading to fewer synthesis and place-and-route iterations. Test cases show more than 90 percent of the designs run had estimation differences within ten percent of the final post place-and-route timing numbers. The enhancements made to the latest versions of Synplicity's FPGA synthesis and physical synthesis software provide designers with the capability to quickly converge on aggressive timing for even the most complex devices, resulting in the highest quality of results.

Pricing and Availability
The Synplify 7.6 and Amplify 3.6 software are available now. Pricing starts at $9,500 ( U.S. ) for the Synplify software and $29,000 ( U.S. ) for the Amplify FPGA software. For more information visit Synplicity's Web site at http://www.synplicity.com.

About Synplicity
Synplicity Inc. (Nasdaq: SYNP) is a leading supplier of innovative synthesis, verification and physical implementation software solutions that enable the rapid and effective design and verification of semiconductors. Synplicity's high-quality, high-performance tools significantly reduce costs and time-to-market for FPGA, Structured/Platform ASIC and cell-based/COT ASIC designers. The company's underlying Behavior Extracting Synthesis Technology ® (BEST TM ), which is embedded in its logical, physical and verification tools, and has led to Synplicity's top position in FPGA synthesis, now provides the same fast runtimes and quality of results to ASIC and COT customers. The company's fast, easy-to-use products support industry standard design languages (VHDL and Verilog) and run on popular platforms. Synplicity employs over 270 people in its 20 facilities worldwide. Synplicity is headquartered in Sunnyvale , California . For more information visit http://www.synplicity.com

Synplicity, Behavior Extracting Synthesis Technology, Synplify and Amplify are registered trademarks of Synplicity Inc. BEST is a trademark of Synplicity Inc.

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