Tyco, PowerDsine Deliver First LAN Connector with Power over Ethernet

6/30/2004 - Tyco Electronics, a leader in the worldwide RJ-45 connector market, and PowerDsineTM, a leader in Power over Ethernet (PoE), announced the delivery of the industry's first RJ-45 connector with built in PoE technology. Until now PoE functionality - the ability to deliver power together with data and voice over a standard Ethernet cable - was typically provided as an ASIC, an integrated module or as a midspan device. This latest innovation enables the PoE functionality to be embedded within the RJ-45 connector reducing the cost, footprint and design-cycle time associated with integrating PoE into Ethernet switches.

"By combining Power over Ethernet and the RJ-45 connector, PowerDsine and Tyco Electronics are facilitating the deployment of Power over Ethernet enabled networks," said Dave Passmore, research director of The Burton Group, an enterprise IT market research firm. "This technology also benefits switch vendors who are designing increasingly complex switches with smaller footprints for rack mounts. Essentially, this technology will help to standardize Power over Ethernet functionality in next-generation switch designs."

Tyco's RJ-45 connector, enhanced by PowerDsine's advanced PoE technology is expected to reduce the number of components and assembly cost for manufacturers who are designing next-generation Ethernet switches with IEEE 802.3af-compliant PoE functionality. Furthermore, an integrated PoE RJ-45 connector will be critical for vendors who are designing complex Gigabit Ethernet switches that have very little room on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for additional electronic circuitry.

"As a founder of the IEEE 802.3af standard task force, which also boasts an impressive list of Ethernet switch vendors, PowerDsine continues to prove its leadership in PoE design and PoE chip technology," said Robert Atkinson, director of business development at Tyco Electronics. "Harnessing both companies' engineering expertise, we have developed the industry's first RJ-45 connector with Power over Ethernet technology ahead of our competitors."

"Tyco Electronics' leadership in the RJ-45 connector market and PowerDsine's expertise in PoE technology and ASIC design enable a level of integration and functionality that is unique in the industry," said Igal Rotem, chief executive officer of PowerDsine. "This joint effort will truly benefit Ethernet switch manufacturers who are looking to add PoE functionality to their next-generation products. Working together also brings us one step closer to rapid deployment of Power over Ethernet functionality in next-generation switches."

Tyco Electronics has currently begun to deliver samples of the 2x6 PoE RJ-45 product. Tyco and PowerDsine also plan to develop 2x4 and 2x8 PoE RJ-45 connectors.

About Power over Ethernet Technology
PoE is a technology for wired Ethernet, the most widely installed local area network technology in use today. PoE allows the electrical power necessary for the operation of each device, to be carried by data cables rather than by separate power cords. It minimizes the number of wires that must be used in order to install the network, resulting in lower cost, less downtime, easier maintenance and greater installation flexibility.

About PowerDsine
PowerDsineTM (NASDAQ: PDSN) designs, develops and supplies integrated circuits, modules and systems that enable the implementation of Power over Ethernet in local area networks, providing the capability to transfer and manage electrical power over data network cables. PowerDsine offers integrated products and system solutions to communications equipment manufacturers in the telecom and datacom industries who incorporate them into, or bundle them with, their products. PowerDsine is a founding member of the IEEE 802.3af Task Force. For more information, please visit http://www.powerdsine.com

About Tyco Electronics
Tyco Electronics, a major business segment of Tyco International Ltd., is the world's largest passive electronic components manufacturer; a world leader in cutting-edge wireless, active fiber optic and complete power systems technologies; and is also rapidly developing extensive networking and building technology installation services. Tyco Electronics provides advanced technology products from over forty well-known and respected brands, including Agastat, Alcoswitch, AMP, AMP NETCONNECT, Buchanan, CII, CoEv, Critchley, Elcon, Elo TouchSystems, M/A-COM, Madison Cable, OEG, OneSource Building Technologies, Potter & Brumfield, Raychem, Schrack, Simel and TDI Batteries.

PowerDsine is a registered trademark of PowerDsine Ltd.

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