MEN Mikro Elektronik Rolls Out PowerPC Based PP01 SBC

6/29/2004 - MEN Mikro Elektronik can celebrate two premieres with its new PowerPC based PP01 single-board computer. The board is one of the first standard platform worldwide for Freescale`s new automotive PowerPC MPC5200 and is also MEN's first PC/104-Plus module (or PCI-104, since it has no ISA bus).

Since June 2004 MEN is partner in the Design Alliance Program of Freescale.

Automotive PowerPC Masters Rough Applications
The heart of the PP01 is Freescale's MPC5200, clocked with 384 MHz - a TCU PowerPC from the automotive series that comes with an impressive 760 MIPS. The inner life of the extremely compact processor consists of a 603e core, FPU, MMU, DRAM controller and the so-called BestComm/DMA I/O controller, which drives essential industrial interfaces such as CAN, USB, Fast Ethernet, SPI etc. For all of those functions the MPC5200 needs less than 850 mW and is available from Freescale in a temperature range of -40 to +85C.

To be consistent, the entire design of the PP01 PC/104-Plus module was made for applications in rough industrial environments, particularly for mobile controls in trains, planes, ships, commercial vehicles or cars.

Fast Ethernet and two optically isolated RS232 interfaces are led to robust D-Sub connectors on the PP01. Two CAN channels and USB can be directly connected on the PC/104-Plus module by means of SA adapters. For memory needs 32 MB SDRAM, 8 MB Flash and 64 KB FRAM (non-volatile static memory) are permanently soldered against shock and vibration. A real-time clock and watchdog complete the module's functionality. All components on PP01 are specified for -40 to +85C operation temperature.

As for software, the PP01 supports Linux and VxWorks. The CANopen firmware is based on the protocol stack of Vector Informatik.

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