Agilent and Sun Form Java Community for Open-source Development

6/29/2004 - Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Sun Microsystems Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) announced the formation of the Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control (JDDAC) community. It is the first open-source forum for development of Java(tm) applications and libraries for wide-area distributed sensors and controls. Sun Microsystems is the developer of the Java technology platform.

JDDAC's objective is to share information and encourage development of Java applications for industrial control, building automation, industrial security, utilities management, robotics, mobile communications, and distributed sensor and control networks. The community can be accessed at

JDDAC will create the first Java implementations of technologies for distributed sensors and actuators based on the IEEE 1451 and IEEE 1588 standards supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies. Agilent Laboratories, which is the central research organization of Agilent Technologies, is conducting extensive research on distributed wide-area sensor networks using wireless networking built on these standards.

"Agilent Labs is committed to promulgating standards that make it easier for a variety of companies and developers to share common technologies in this area, which will help new applications reach the market faster," said Jay Warrior, manager of Distributed Systems Research at Agilent Labs. "Key missing pieces for sensor networks are middleware and software infrastructures. Making this infrastructure widely available will stimulate application development around the standards. By working with Sun and Java, we can share work that has already been done and accelerate the development of the missing pieces."

Distributed acquisition and control covers a broad range of topics. At its core, it involves gathering and analyzing information, making decisions based on that analysis and causing an action to occur. This requires a network of sensors and actuators governed by a controlling application. Together these pieces are referred to as a "transducer network." This concept has been available for decades under various names.

"Sun is committed to open standards for the development of Java-based distributed sensors and controls," said Patric Chang, Director of Industries and Partners Engineering of Sun Microsystems. "Most of today's implementation environments are proprietary or embedded within closed frameworks. Sun, through the Java Community Process and, is promoting the open development and sharing of key technologies in this space. We are optimistic that the JDDAC effort will result in beneficial sensor network applications."

About is the premier Web-based open community created to facilitate Java technology collaboration in applied areas of technology and industrial solutions. It is a central gathering place for Java technology enthusiasts and existing communities across industries, platforms and interest groups. The goal is to expand the Java technology portfolio of applications, tools and services by promoting conversation and collaboration around development of practical applications across industry groups.

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