Compuware Units Analysis, Design and Testing with OptimalJ 3.2

6/29/2004 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) unveiled the latest version of Compuware OptimalJ, the company’s advanced, model-driven pattern-based (MDPB) development environment. New features in Compuware OptimalJ 3.2 further expand the product’s coverage across all phases of the development life cycle and enhance OptimalJ’s value and usability for all members of the development team.

Development teams use Compuware OptimalJ to generate standards-based applications directly from UML models, greatly speeding application development while improving quality and maintainability. Compuware OptimalJ provides the development team with unparalleled control over the code generation process, ensuring that OptimalJ applications adhere to internal and industry-wide guidelines and best practices for application architecture. Updates to version 3.2 unite analysis, design and testing processes and ensure that large, diverse development teams can consistently architect, build, integrate and maintain high-quality enterprise applications.

“It is mandatory that we become more productive in our application delivery,” said Mike Elinski, Associate Vice President Technology and E-Commerce, Health Alliance Plan. “One of our strategies to meet this goal is to adopt tools that help us automate our development process. We selected Compuware OptimalJ because of its proven ability to increase productivity in both development and maintenance. Moreover, OptimalJ's role-based editions enable us to leverage the advanced skills of our experts to make our less-experienced team members more productive.”

Compuware OptimalJ 3.2 Meets the Needs of Enterprise-scale Java Development Projects
Compuware OptimalJ 3.2 expands the product’s life cycle coverage across all the stages of development--from analysis and design to build and test. This allows enterprises to simplify the process of designing and deploying applications by managing development from a single solution, instead of grappling with multiple, loosely-integrated tools.

“In large-scale enterprise development, the pendulum is starting to swing away from integrating point solutions for application analysis, construction and deployment,” said Mark Driver Vice President and Research Director, Gartner. “Customers are looking to build tool suites from a limited number of large vendors with which they can outfit the entire development team. This strategy alleviates the complexity involved in cobbling together multi-vendor solutions and enables them to more effectively streamline the development process.”

OptimalJ 3.2’s expanded life cycle coverage now includes:

Compuware OptimalJ 3.2 is designed to meet the needs of the various roles of large enterprise development teams. By providing specific functionality for architects, senior developers and developers, Compuware OptimalJ enables each role to provide unique value to the development of an application. Version 3.2 enhances the role-based structure of OptimalJ, making each team member more productive and easing the collaboration between team members through:

“The significant updates we’ve made to Compuware OptimalJ 3.2 address the changing development needs of large enterprises,” said Mike Sawicki, Compuware OptimalJ Product Manager. “Java development projects continue to grow in number, size, scope and sophistication. To keep up with the need for industrial development solutions, Compuware OptimalJ continues to evolve as a comprehensive platform that boosts productivity and increases code quality from the first stages of analysis and design through deployment so that enterprise development teams can rapidly deliver applications that are well-architected and standards-based.”

Pricing and availability
Compuware OptimalJ, version 3.2, will be available on July 13, 2004 in three editions:

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