Windows Shortens Embedded Development Time

6/28/2004 - Acrosser announced that Windows gives developers a quick start in embedded Platform.

As the value added to the embedded CPU board with, it effectively helps engineer and system integrator shorten development time, increase efficiency and lower costs on their application development. Because the Microsoft Windows Embedded OS offers the dependable architecture, industry standard support, multiple graphical interface options, comprehensive networking support, and core Windows technologies within a single toolset, that includes a single, integrated development environment for building, debugging, and deploying an operating system image. By using with Visual Studio .net and Visual, developers can easily leverage and transition their existing knowledge of desktop application development straight to devices.

Case story in medical industry:
FDA compliance is required at each phase in medical device design (from concept to clinical trial to product launch and servicing), compliance often results in process latency. However, developers also face additional barriers when they create devices for the healthcare industry, such as: Fragmented and disconnected product information due to using various operating systems across a product line, but also lack of consistent business processes across disciplines due to the desire to meet widespread customer needs. Windows Embedded OS helps mitigate these barriers by providing device manufacturers with cost-effective tools to decrease development efforts. Development efforts can be focused on defining and designing the end-user experience rather than on foundational device development. & embedded PC solution:
Windows Embedded OS is a fully functional, compact operating system. It is ideal for developers that aim for low costs and a small footprint (size). Windows Embedded OS is the innovative solution for a variety of industries such as Gaming, Medical instruments, Internet Networking, Kiosk, Logistic, etc.

Acrosser AR-B1551 is fully functinoal with This image file contains device drivers and customer-define logo image. Customer can just easily download or install this image file into the system. CPU board will up and run in 30 second. Acrosser also prepare a Plug-and-Play Compact Flash-based CE system which includes specify drivers & applications by customer-defined.

Embedded CPU board features:
AR-1551 is tightly designed 3.5" EBX CPU board with an onboard low power fan less NS Geode 300Mhz processor. The NS GeodeTM GX1 Integrated 2D Graphic Accelerator, supports CRT, Single-channel 18-bit LVDS Panels up to 1280X1024. With this graphic feature, it can support any LCD display from 2" to 12.1" for high graphic requirement. AC97 Audio chip has included Microphone in, CD audio in, line-in and line-out function. AR-B1551 has the build in Reltek 8139C 10/100Base-Tx fast Ethernet port, 2 COM / 2 USB / 1 Parallel / 1 IrDA port. It gives customer much more functionalities on data input & output. On-board compact flash slot is highly reliable and cost effective storage solution, for applications are in extreme shock, vibration, temperature and harsh environmental conditions. AR-B1551 also has PC-104 expansion slot for up to 20 other PC-104 peripheral or Analog/digital I/O devices. This board can operate without a fan at extended temperatures up to 85 C (176 F) and typically consumes fewer than 12 Watts while supporting numerous peripherals. In addition, Acrosser also provide completed mini enclosure (Part #:M9919) for AR-B1551 with external power supply. It ensures product reliability and usability at the lowest possible manufacturing cost. In hence, AR-B1551 is the real "compact" and "embedded" computer control system, not only for industrial automation, medical equipments, testing analyzer, also it's an internet security, data and fax server Please refer to for detail specification.

Acrosser U.S.A Inc is a leading embedded platform service provider in OEM/ODM manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance embedded products since 1988. Acrosser provides embedded PC-104 computer to clients in a wide array of industries, including Kiosk, gaming, industrial, networking, security, imaging and medical.

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