Kontron Debuts E2Brain Computer-On-Module with MPC8540 PowerQUICC III RISC

6/28/2004 - Based on the MPC8540 PowerQUICC III RISC processor from Freescale (formerly Motorola), Kontron AG's new E2Brain EB8540 Computer-On-Module (COM) offers pure, fanless computing power with a multitude of I/O connection options at minimum power consumption and is integrated as an add-on component into customized embedded systems. EB8450 provides a generous 1850 MIPS (based on Dhrystone 2.1) at a clock speed of just 800 MHz - performance achieved by x86es only in the GHz range and only at a much higher power dissipation.

With 1 Fast and 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, up to 6 serial interfaces - 2 terminal interfaces (Rx/Tx) and 4 asynchronous 16550-compatible interfaces - and optional CAN bus, as well as watchdog timer and real-time clock, EB8540 is a universal computer module for demanding real-time applications in the fields of industrial automation, transportation, medical technology and defense. Individual expansions are easily done via the 32-bit, 33/66 PCI bus and/or the LPC bus. Like all other interfaces, the two buses are connected to the baseboard via 4 standard SMD connectors. For security-critical applications, the module can alternatively be equipped with the MPC8541, which provides an additional security engine for IPSec, DES, 3DES and AES encryption.

Apart from extensive interfaces, up to 512 MB of directly soldered, very fast DDR SDRAM, up to 32 MB of Flash memory and 1 MB of battery-buffered SRAM, as well as E2Prom for configuration and user data and an interface for CompactFlash memory cards, are mounted on the compact E2Brain EB8450 module, with dimensions of just 75 mm x 115 mm. The physical slot for the CompactFlash memory media is placed on the baseboard. Debugging and onboard programming is done via the implemented JTAG/BDM interface.

Power supply is designed as a single-source 3.3V supply. The standard version of the E2Brain EB8540 is designed for use at temperatures ranging from 0C to 70C. An optional version with an extended operating temperature range from -40C to +85C is also available. Due to its thermally and mechanically robust design, this module is suitable for use in extremely harsh environments.

Software support is provided by an OS-independent boot loader with network support as well as a Linux and VxWorks board support package.

E2Brain EB8450 will be available in September 2004. Evaluation baseboards will also be made available at this time.

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