UEI Offers ProfessorDAQ Add-in for Excel at No Charge

6/28/2004 - Previously sold for $195, the ProfessorDAQ add-in for Excel is now distributed at no charge. Designed to give engineers full access to the capabilities of UEI’s PowerDAQ analog and digital I/O cards, it allows them to send out control signals and read back results of analog or digital readings in a very user-friendly environment. Further, with the assistance of Visual Basic for Applications, a standard component in Excel, engineers can create sophisticated test routines based on PowerDAQ hardware.

Enormous popularity and power
Ever since the first days of PCs, scientists and engineers have adopted spreadsheets for their own needs, typically the plotting and analysis of experimental data. The biggest problem they've faced is getting real-world data onto a worksheet. Manual entry is tedious and error-prone. They've always wanted an easy-to-use, reliable method of automating the collection of real-world data into spreadsheet programs, but a method that doesn't compromise hardware performance in any way.

Overcoming that obstacle in a convenient way, ProfessorDAQ provides a seamless link between UEI's PCI- and PXI-based data-acq cards and the world's most popular spreadsheet program, Microsoft Excel. This utility, now distributed at no charge, imports individual samples or even large waveforms directly into an Excel worksheet. The utility can also use worksheet data as a source for output functions.

In addition to allowing users to assign worksheet cells to analog and digital I/O operations, the add-in also lets them set up triggering and other control operations. Users perform all these actions through an intuitive graphical interface that requires no programming. In this way scientists, engineers and other experimenters can start importing data into a spreadsheet in just a few minutes without the need for any special programming skills or detailed knowledge of the data-acquisition hardware. The product thus opens to door to automated data collection for thousands of technical professionals who don't want to devote hours to writing and debugging programs in C or learning how to connect icons in a graphical language. They can now focus on their own work, getting results more quickly and with fewer errors than ever before.

Those who adapt quickly to new technologies needn't feel hampered. They can access all the power of ProfessorDAQ through scripts they write in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), which is a core component of Microsoft Office XP and is integrated into Microsoft Excel as well as other Office applications. VBA takes the same power available through the Visual Basic programming system and applies it to highly functional applications, enabling infinite levels of automation, customization and integration.

Even better, ProfessorDAQ doesn't hold you back from performing any activity of which the hardware is capable. Because the Excel screen-update rate and the underlying hardware digitization rate are decoupled, users can digitize at the card's full rated throughput without fearing that screen updates will slow down the operation. They can also set up Excel plots and graphs that update dynamically with the very latest data to achieve a realtime display.

GUI doesn't give up power yet hides complexity
Unlike most Excel add-ons, ProfessorDAQ offers several update modes on analog inputs, giving users the utmost in digitization and display flexibility. We're especially proud of our Continuous mode, which sets this product apart from almost all of its competitors.

Although ProfessorDAQ removes all the complexities of setting up and running a data-acq card, users don't give up any capabilities. Various menus let them control virtually every aspect of the hardware's operation:

And unlike with almost every other product in this class, with ProfessorDAQ users can run multiple subsystems simultaneously. Thus users can implement custom closed-loop control algorithms within Excel, controlling analog or digital outputs based on values from analog inputs.

Now available for free
ProfessorDAQ is available to users of UEI’s PowerDAQ cards free of charge. The version of ProfessorDAQ individuals download from the web is a demo version, and to enable the full capabilities of the software they must request an authorization key. Users can find this software at http://www.ueidaq.com/products/software/profdaq/PDXL-SW/

For further information on this product and a full datasheet, as well as details about the firm's complete line of data-acquisition and signal-conditioning hardware and software, either call United Electronic Industries at 781-821-2890 or go to www.ueidaq.com.

About United Electronic Industries, Inc
Known as “The High-Performance Alternative,” UEI is a supplier of leading-edge PowerDAQ PCI- and PXI-based data acquisition cards, the PowerDNA Ethernet-based distributed data-acquisition and automation system, signal-conditioning accessories and software. In particular, it has emerged as a market leader in the field of hard realtime data acquisition on PCs through its support of realtime Linux implementations and commercial RTOSs. A proprietary protocol on the PowerDNA Cube gives Ethernet-based I/O systems true realtime performance, but the system also runs with conventional Ethernet protocols, as well. Among the firm’s major markets are sophisticated production test systems, process monitoring and control as well as research/development.

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