Xilinx Helps Compare Costs with CPLD Logic Consolidator Analysis Tool

6/25/2004 - Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX), the world's leading programmable logic supplier, announced availability of the CPLD Logic Consolidator. This analysis tool permits digital designers and production managers to compare costs between technology alternatives - specifically Xilinx's increasingly popular CPLDs to multiple discrete logic devices. The CPLD Logic Consolidator supports total cost analyses by providing information on component integration cost savings. With a focus on identifying Bill of Material (BOM) savings, Xilinx's CPLD Logic Consolidator provides data for digital designers to evaluate using Xilinx CPLDs to either cost-reduce existing products, or plan for cost savings through higher integration on future designs.

"Advances in semiconductor process technology have driven CPLD costs down to a point where it often makes sense to migrate from multiple discrete logic devices to a single CPLD. In addition to the integration cost savings, the increased performance, reliability and reduced power consumption further validate the choice to use a single programmable device," said Richard Terrill, senior manager, Spartan and CPLD Solutions at Xilinx. "The Xilinx CPLD Logic Consolidator provides a sophisticated business analysis tool, offering design teams BOM-cost drill down capability. This is relevant for design engineers and purchasing managers, allowing them to work together on the cost reduction of existing TTL/discrete logic-centric designs to a more cost-effective CPLD 'consolidated' approach. Beyond megahertz and other feature issues, Xilinx is addressing real-world total-cost management concerns that continuously challenge customers. Not only do we have a comprehensive CPLD product portfolio, with the CPLD Logic Consolidator Xilinx is going to the next level to expand the adoption of our products."

Tool Helps Reduce Cost of Discrete Logic
The CPLD Logic Consolidator compares Xilinx XC9500XL and CoolRunner-II 10,000-unit pricing to discrete logic unit pricing. Costs saving estimates are based on comparing the 10,000-unit average resale price of 7400 discrete logic products in the lowest cost plastic package to the 10,000-unit resale price of the optimal Xilinx CPLD solution. Users may also specify their own unit pricing based on particular quote details. The analysis tool demonstrates how multiple discrete components such as simple gates, level translators and standard products can be replaced by a single Xilinx CPLD.

In addition to component price savings, Xilinx CPLDs reduce total system costs by shrinking PC board area, board layer count and lowering insertion, test and assembly costs. Because Xilinx CPLDs are re-programmable, they provide designers with the ability to respond to last minute design changes and compress time to market. They even permit post-deployment updates, allowing cost-effective in-field upgrades and revisions. Also, since CPLDs are delivered as "blank parts," they do not represent an inventory risk as they can be retargeted at a wide range of products with the ability to reallocate them to other projects at any time. Finally, because CPLD-based systems require fewer components and board layers, and have reduced heat dissipation and EMI levels, the resultant increased reliability adds to total cost savings. Future versions of the Logic Consolidator will incorporate other standard products and will support analysis of other integration savings, such as board space and layer count.

Xilinx Growing Strong in CPLDs
Exiting calendar 2003, Xilinx estimates that its share of the CPLD market segment increased for the fifth consecutive year to 21 percent on an annualized basis, up from 18 percent last year and up from approximately 5 percent five years ago (Xilinx Fourth Quarter FY04 Revenues, April 22, 2004). The company attributes this success to continuously driving for lower costs and ramping production volumes to support increasing customer demand worldwide. In addition, the Xilinx CoolRunner-II RealDigital CPLD product family continues to gain significant momentum in consumer electronics, communications and data processing systems. The low power features of the CoolRunner-II product family are relevant for any power or thermal-sensitive device.

CPLD Logic Consolidator Tool Availability
The Xilinx CPLD Logic Consolidator is available now. Multiple versions will be available from Xilinx authorized distributors (no registration is required unless ISE software is being used).

About Xilinx
Xilinx is the worldwide leader in complete programmable logic solutions. For more information, visit www.xilinx.com.

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