Renesas Rolls Out H8SX/1582F 32-Bit CISC Microcontroller

6/25/2004 - Renesas Technology Corp. announced the H8SX/1582F single-chip microcontroller for industrial and OA applications, featuring a single 5 V power supply and 48 MHz maximum operating frequency, as an addition to the lineup of H8SX Family 32-bit CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) microcontrollers. Sample shipments will begin in August 2004 in Japan.

The H8SX/1582F is a 5 V operation model in addition to the current 3.3 V operation model in the H8SX Family lineup of CISC microcontrollers employing the high-performance H8SX 32-bit CPU core, and is ideal for use in products such as copiers, multifunctional printers, and FA equipment. Features of the H8SX/1582F are summarized below.

  1. Single 5 V power supply and high-speed 48 MHz operation
    The H8SX/1582F operates on a single power supply with a 5 V external supply voltage. At its maximum operating frequency of 48 MHz, the highest in the H8SX Family, the H8SX/1582F achieves a high processing performance of 48 MIPS, enabling implementation of high-performance 5 V interface systems, and the development of new and more powerful systems employing existing 5 V interface system resources.
  2. Comprehensive on-chip peripherals including enhanced functions such as A/D converters, timer pulse units and communication functions
    The H8SX/1582F offers enhanced peripheral functions compared with H8SX Family 3.3 V operation models. Two 10-bit A/D converter units comprising 16 channels and two 16-bit timer pulse units comprising 12 channels are incorporated, representing twice the number of units and channels in the 3.3 V models. Each unit can operate independently to suit the user's requirements. A new addition is a 3-channel synchronous serial communication unit (SSU) offering high-speed synchronous serial communication capability, with each channel capable of independent operation. The comprehensive set of peripheral functions also includes data transfer control (DTC) and a DMA controller.
  3. H8SX 32-bit CPU core offering upward compatibility with H8S Family 16-bit microcontroller instructions
    The H8SX CPU core with a 32-bit ALU and internal bus width offers upward compatibility with the instruction set of current H8S Family 16-bit microcontrollers. This allows programs developed for an H8S Family microcontroller to be used, making it possible to shorten system development times.

Product Background
The functionality and performance of products in the industrial and OA fields continue to improve year by year. System logic circuitry voltages use previous main stream 5 V or lower voltage such as 3 V in order to achieve lower power consumption.

Renesas Technology has developed 5 V and 3.3 V operation models in the 16-bit microcontroller H8S Family for use in these fields, followed by the development of the H8SX Family of 32-bit CISC microcontrollers featuring upward instruction compatibility with the H8S Family to meet the needs of more powerful and sophisticated systems, and the release of 3.3 V operation H8SX Family models. At the same time, however, there is also a need to develop new systems using existing resources developed for the conventional 5 V interface, and in response to this market need Renesas Technology is releasing the H8SX/1582F as a 5 V member of the H8SX Family.

Product Details
The H8SX/1582F operates on a single 5 V power supply and supports 5 V interface systems. It achieves a high processing performance of 48 MIPS at its maximum operating frequency of 48 MHz, enabling high-performance application systems to be implemented.

The H8SX 32-bit CPU core offers full upward instruction compatibility with the 16-bit microcontroller H8S CPU core. This CPU core features additional addressing modes as well as the addition of new and enhanced instructions, and offers an improvement in ROM code efficiency of approximately 20% compared with the H8S CPU core. It is therefore possible not only to use programs developed on systems using the H8S, but also to cut down on program storage memory thanks to the reduction in program size, and to achieve shorter development times and lower development costs.

The H8SX/1582F also features a comprehensive set of on-chip peripheral functions, including enhanced peripherals such as A/D converters and timers. The number of 10-bit A/D converter units and timer pulse units have both been doubled compared with the 3.3 V operation models, from one 10-bit A/D converter unit (8 channels) to two units (16 channels), and from one timer pulse unit (6 channels) to two units (12 channels). Each unit can operate independently, providing flexibility to suit various users' needs. In the case of the A/D converters, for example, a combination of conversion speed and number of channels can be selected to provide the optimal configuration for a particular system.

A 3-channel SSU has also been added that simplifies connections to sensors and similar devices. The SSU provides high-speed synchronous serial communication, with each channel capable of performing communication independently. Other on-chip peripheral functions include data transfer control (DTC) and a DMA controller providing fast and efficient data transfer. The on-chip 256-Kbyte flash memory features single-cycle access, helping to speed up program processing, while the ability to rewrite flash memory programs on-chip simplifies program modifications and helps shorten system development times.

The package used is a 120-pin LQFP, featuring an environment-friendly lead-free specification.

An E6000H full emulator and E10A small on-chip emulator are available as development tools. Use of the E10A allows the user to implement an on-chip debugging environment in the system, and hold down development costs.

Future expansion of the H8SX Family lineup will include the development of a higher-functionality version and on-chip flash memory models in line with market needs.

Typical Applications
OA products such as copiers and multifunctional printers
Industrial products such as FA equipment

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