Synergy Offers Certifiable DO-178B Safety-Critical COTS Solution

6/25/2004 - Synergy Microsystems Inc. (Synergy) a leading developer of board-level solutions for real-time embedded applications, announced it now supports safety-critical avionics applications with a certifiable board-support package (BSP) for VxWorks AE-653 running on its single-CPU, PowerPC 7410 and 7457, single-board computers (SBCs).

Synergy’s VxWorks AE-653 solution for the Wind River® Platform for Safety Critical ARINC 653 is designed to give developers the necessary tools for certifying their safety-critical applications for avionics systems. It enables military and aerospace designers to comply with rigorous safety standards defined by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) DO-178B, as well as the Avionics Application Software Standard Interface (ARINC) 653, as specified by the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee. DO-178B is the internationally accepted guideline, supported by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), for developing, testing and maintaining safety-critical software for avionics systems.

Synergy software engineer Mark Bloom said the VxWorks AE-653 OS Time and Space Domain model, which the BSP fully supports, enforces the non-preemptive and total separation of multiple tasks in secure partitions, effectively guaranteeing availability of processing resources. Synergy has added a level of middleware that will assist the end customer in developing their application. “Our package includes pre-configured multi-domain projects with I/O ports that allows developers to ‘drop in’ their ARINC apex applications, define the scheduling priority of each partition, and as a result, be up-and-running in a shorter time period.”

Bloom said the BSP also provides the test tools needed to provide customers with the documentation and artifacts necessary for certification of their platforms to DO-178 standards. “Synergy firmware residing on its single-node SBCs provides certifiable code that can be incorporated into a deployable application,” noted Bloom. “It also offers a comprehensive set of utilities that can be used during the system development and test phase.” Utilities include an Ethernet download, a debug, monitor, scan for discovery of PCI devices on power-up, and a Flash programming and verification tool.

“Providing a certifiable COTS solution for safety-critical ARINC-653 applications allows Synergy’s customers in the avionics sector to reduce their overall development costs and shorten time-to-market,” stated Synergy CEO, Tom Powell. “More importantly, Synergy can offer the assurance of an ultra-reliable embedded platform that can be certified to the highest levels of safety.”

About Synergy Microsystems
Synergy Microsystems, Inc. ( specializes in the design, manufacture and integration of single- and multi-processor, single-board computers for VME and CompactPCI systems to meet the needs of demanding real-time applications in military, aerospace, DSP, and industrial/commercial markets. Synergy has a long track record of extracting the highest possible performance from current and emerging SBC technologies, then supporting these technologies through extended product lifecycles. In business since 1985 under the original ownership, the corporation is privately held, with facilities in San Diego, CA. and Tucson, AZ.

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