Microcross and Cogent Introduce Open Source RTEMS Development Kits

6/24/2004 - Microcross and Cogent Computer Systems, Inc. release Open Soucre development kits with a Real Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems (RTEMS) edition of Visual GNU X-ToolsTM toolset, RTEMS Board Support Package (BSP), and Cogent Computer Systems OEM development board. The Cogent family of OEM development boards supported include the CSB335 (Sharp ARM720T), CSB337 (Atmel ARM920T), CSB360 (Motorola Coldfire MCF5272), CSB637 (Atmel ARM920T) and CSB650 (AMD Au1100). With Cogent OEM boards, Visual GNU X-ToolsTM toolsets and RTEMS BSPs, Microcross and Cogent offer a complete embedded development solution -- open source, royalty-free, ready-to-runTM.

RTEMS has a maturity path dating back from 1988 with the U.S. Army Space and Missile Command. Its features include POSIX 1003.1b API (including threads), RTEID/ORKID based classic API, FreeBSD TCP/IP stack, UDP, TCP, ICMP, DHCP, RARP, TFTP, RPC, FTPD, HTTPD, and CORBA. RTEMS was open sourced before open source was "sexy." The RTEMS BSP is prebuilt with libraries installed, linker scripts preconfigured, and startup code running several test programs using the Visual GNU X-ToolsTM toolset environment.

The Cogent OEM development boards derive much of their functionality from the basic CPU but supplement that functionality with selected off-chip peripherals such as:

Size measurements of Cogent OEM boards range from a mere 1.75" x 2.75" (CSB637 and CSB650) to a compact 3.20" x 3.50" (CSB335, CSB337, and CSB360).

"Embedded development kits with RTEMS and BSP software components are available under various free licenses and copyrights. Most important of all, software created that executes on the target processor will not place undue restrictions on embedded applications. In other words, RTEMS is GPL with exceptions developers and commercial companies are not required to 'open source' their proprietary applications when linking with RTEMS modules," said James Calvin, President of Worldwide Sales at Microcross.

"The complete OEM embedded development kit, including a Cogent single board computer, Microcross toolset and RTEMS BSP, together provides a rapid application development solution for engineers to jump start their project without incurring the typical high-costs and product restrictions associated with commercial RTOS and network solutions. With years of trial experience in many commercial and military systems, RTEMS along with Cogent OEM boards are worth serious consideration in your next embedded design solution," said Michael Kelly, Vice President Engineering / Marketing at Cogent Computer Systems, Inc.

Preconfigured Board Support Packages (BSPs) with the Visual GNU X-Tools toolset are priced at $1999 for each supported seat. The CSBxxx OEM boards along with breakout boards range in price from $449 to $678. A developer can get started with a complete kit with tools, RTOS, and development board for under $2500.

About Cogent
Cogent Computer Systems, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of embedded OEM and development boards since 1992. Cogent produces single board computers that can be used for both OEM use and software development. The Cogent Single Board computers (CSB) are based upon today's leading technology and most popular integrated CPU's such as ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and ColdFire. Cogent SBCs are small in size and price, fully featured and easy to use. With over 12 years of experience, Cogent solutions are "Always Complete" and provide a cost effective platform for integration into custom systems as well as for rapid software development. For more information, please browse www.cogcomp.com

About Microcross
Microcross is a global provider of Visual GNU X-ToolsTM toolsets and solutions, training and support services. Visual GNU X-ToolsTM, Microcross' flagship product, is a reliable, low-cost embedded developer solution supporting over 20 of the most popular embedded 16, 32 and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. Visual GNU X-ToolsTM comprises the original GNU X-ToolsTM and its companion, Visual X-ToolsTM IDE, and together are setting a standard for commercially supported, open source embedded programming tools; no other solution offers the breadth and depth of microprocessor coverage. Microcross has the lowest prices for commercially supported GNU tools and solutions, providing customers best value and performance. For more information, please browse www.microcross.com.

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