Compuware Pioneers QA Solution with QACenter 5.0 Enterprise Edition

6/23/2004 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) announced the release of version 5.0 of Compuware QACenter Enterprise Edition, its comprehensive suite of functional testing products. QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0 includes significant new functionality that breaks down the barriers between the development and testing phases of the application life cycle by enabling QA teams to understand and manage their testing efforts within the context of the business requirements of an application.

“Application quality is everyone’s concern and, increasingly, the C-level is beginning to understand that effective QA is key to mitigating risk, delivering value and increasing IT service levels,” said Theresa Lanowitz, Research Director, Gartner. “Over the past few years, the testing market has seen very little innovation. New solutions that provide clear-cut ways for QA teams to measure and manage their testing efforts based on business risk—the likelihood that an application will succeed or fail at its business purpose—will be the testing tools of choice for organizations who understand the importance of QA’s role in the application lifecycle.”

Risk-based Test Management
Testing organizations lack the means to manage their testing practices by prioritizing each piece of functionality in terms of the impact it has on the business service the final application will deliver. Risk-based test management directly addresses this by helping control QA costs through focused and prioritized testing. Compuware QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0’s risk-based testing methodology enables testers to rank functional test requirements based on various business, technical and historical factors. It provides management-level reporting, detailed statistics and metrics and automatically correlates testing results with business requirements. This ensures that testing efforts are aligned with business priorities, enables IT managers to make more informed deployment decisions and streamlines the entire testing process.

“QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0 is exactly what our QA team needed—a complete quality solution that provides measurement and analysis more effectively than any other vendor,” said Cindy Knotts, Quality Assurance Manager for Fiberlink, a leading provider of managed security and remote connectivity solutions for global enterprises. “Additionally, Compuware’s support team helped us manage a painless transition from our previous testing tools to QACenter.”

QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0’s risk-based test management greatly improves the quality of applications, maximizes the utilization of resources and supports on-time deployment. Test cases created in QACenter Enterprise Edition are ranked and executed based on their assigned priorities. QA teams can then summarize quality statistics by business requirement and priority. If requirements change, QACenter Enterprise Edition allows organizations to quickly re-align testing efforts to new business priorities by automatically creating a revised testing plan that will quickly demonstrate the impact the changes will have on the testing process.

“It’s a simple fact—QA can’t test everything, but it is expected to help mitigate the risk of failure for business critical applications and get this extremely important job done in a very short amount of time,” said Mark Eshelby, Compuware QACenter Product Manager. “QACenter’s risk-based test management feature is truly a breakthrough in application quality. It enables QA teams to align testing with business goals, allowing them to objectively prioritize testing and communicate the status of application quality in terms that both IT and business stakeholders can understand.”

Also New in QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0
Additional updates to QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0 bring the QA team closer to the business requirements of the applications they are testing. New features enable QA teams to measure the progress of their testing efforts in the context of business requirements, plan and communicate an effective test execution campaign in terms that business stakeholders can understand, centrally manage and execute various manual and automated testing assets and automate the process of entering, tracking and resolving defects found during the testing process.

Web-based, comprehensive quality metrics—Testers and test managers can better measure the progress and effectiveness of their testing activities by understanding the quality of the application in terms of its business requirements. QA metrics are often cryptic and have little meaning to stakeholders outside the QA team. QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0’s new, unified reporting has standard and customized reports that can be tailored to fit the needs of both business managers and testers. High-level reports give IT executives the knowledge they need to deploy reliable applications with confidence and include metrics that illustrate how much testing has been completed and what bugs and defects are outstanding.

Centralized library of test and data assets—In most organizations, QA is challenged with testing applications running on various platforms over multiple tiers. To ensure that teams can effectively manage the large number of complex testing assets, Compuware QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0 features a centralized library of test and data assets. This enables QA teams to coordinate a variety of development and testing tools using a single interface and more efficiently manage the testing of Web, distributed, packaged and mainframe applications.

Intuitive Web and Windows interfaces—In order to reduce the time it takes entry-level testing staff to become productive, Compuware QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0 includes a new browser-based user interface. This easy-to-use environment reduces the product’s learning curve, minimizes installation time and improves the efficiency of the testing team.

Pricing and Availability
Compuware QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.0 is available immediately. Pricing for the entire suite—including test management, requirements management, defect tracking, functional test automation and test data management—begins at $6,500.

Compuware Corporation
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