NAVSYS Selects u-blox TIM-LF for Attitude Sensing and Positioning System

6/22/2004 - NAVSYS, a provider of high accuracy GPS based positioning technology and Geo++, a leading supplier for GPS-Software, have selected u-blox TIM-LF for their high precision attitude sensing and relative positioning system. The unique solution delivers +/- 1cm accuracy in positioning and 0,2° in Heading, Role and Pitch with as much as 10 Hz up-date rate.

The NAVSYS SMARTpos 3D Attitude Sensing and Positioning System uses the SMARTgps Q16 sensor containing four TIM-LF GPS receivers integrated in a small box of measuring 11 x 11 x 3.5 cm which is connected to an array of four antennas. The raw data (code and carrier) of the SMARTgps Q16 sensor is processed by the Geo++ multi-station RT Network Solution (Real-Time kinematics) to obtain a common solution of all four-receiver inputs.

Attitude sensing allows measuring the orientation of an antenna array relative to a reference system, which is GPS in this case. Roll and pitch can be measured with three or more antennas. The current system application uses four antennas with independent receiver channels to benefit from over-determined solutions.

Based on the quality of the raw-data delivered by the 16 channel ANTARIS GPS receiver, the orientation of the antenna array can be measured with 0.2° accuracy (1m baseline). The relative positioning accuracy to a second SMARTgps Q16 or a single GPS receiver used as reference station is in the range of +/- 1cm.

This product opens new market opportunities in a wide range of applications like surveying, precision machine guidance, building and structure monitoring, and unmanned vehicles and aircrafts.

"The small size, low cost, state-of-art performance and low power consumption of this new solution, opens multiple new application areas which have not been feasible in the past, due to size, cost and power requirements of current solutions", says Hanns-Christian Wüstner, Sales Area Manager Central and Eastern Europe.

"The SMARTgps Q16 developed by Navsys demonstrates an impressive performance with particularly high accuracy. We are proud that they choose our 16 channel ANTARIS GPS engine to power their high-performance products", says Karsten Tietz, VP of Sales Europe.

The system with PC-based software developed by GEO++ is now available for ordering. Embedded or OEM solutions are available from Navsys on demand.

About u-blox
u-blox is a company operating internationally with headquarters in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Germany, UK, USA and Hong Kong. Since its foundation in 1997, u-blox develops and markets leading Global Positioning System (GPS) chip sets and GPS receiver products. For further information and contacts, please refer to

About Navsys
NAVSYS is a company based in Germany and operating internationally. Founded in 1999, NAVSYS develops and markets high accuracy Global Positioning Systems and communication solutions for GPS-reference station networks. For further information and contacts, please refer to the NAVSYS homepage

About Geo++
Geo++ GmbH, founded in Hannover, Germany in 1990, has gained international reputation with its GPS-based positioning applications for geodesy and navigation, and expertise in the area of system design, development and analysis. For further information and contacts, please refer to

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