BittWare Supports 2G, 2.5G, 3G with B2-AMC Advanced Mezzanine Card

6/22/2004 - At the SuperComm 2004 show, BittWare announced the B2-AMC, an Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) that supports universal baseband processing for any 2G, 2.5G, or 3G wireless application. Available early next year, the B2-AMC will be one of the industry’s first AMC modules, but developers can begin today using BittWare’s D6PC board. The B2-AMC allows telecom systems designers to easily add a tremendous amount of programmable signal processing capability to their AdvancedTCA carriers or any other card equipped with AMC bays.

The B2-AMC is a full-height, single-wide AMC and features a cluster of six ADSP-TS201S TigerSHARC DSPs from Analog Devices, providing a total of 21.6 GFLOPS of floating point and 86.4 GOPS of 16-bit fixed point processing power. A Xilinx Virtex-II Pro (XC2VP20/30/40) FPGA implements off-board I/O, including network and antenna interfaces, and provides communications routing and processing. Network interface standards supported include: RapidIO, PCI Express, Advanced Switching, GigE, and XAUI; antenna interface standards supported include: CPRI, OBSAI RP3, and proprietary standards.

“This is new technology on a new platform for a new market, and it is an exciting example of the type of high-density modularity envisioned by the architects of AdvancedTCA and AMC,” said Jeffry Milrod, President of BittWare. He continued, stating that, “unlike application specific solutions, the programmable processing and reconfigurable hardware of the B2-AMC enable system designers to rapidly prototype and implement new features and protocols.”

“Telecommunications OEMs who are searching for ways to reduce costs while leveraging their R&D investments across a broader set of applications segments can begin taking advantage of the Bittware Universal Baseband Processing Module” said Kevin Leary, product line director, Wireless Infrastructure, DSP Division, Analog Devices, Inc. “This industry-standard platform, based upon the Analog Devices TS201 TigerSharc processor, demonstrates the strengths of a low cost, scalable, all-software baseband architecture.”

Overview of the B2-AMC
The B2-AMC features six ADSP-TS201S TigerSHARCs, a Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA, a variety of front and back panel I/O interfaces, and an IPMI system management interface. It also provides Flash for booting the DSPs and the FPGA and a 10/100 Ethernet control interface for command, control, and reprogramming. It is completely hot-swappable.

The Virtex-II Pro implements twelve TigerSHARC link ports and supports a variety of external I/O, flags, and interrupts. It also provides eight RocketIOTM high-speed serial transceivers, which are used to implement various I/O interfaces off-board. Four RocketIO ports provide the board’s antenna interfaces: three are used to provide a user definable antenna data interface on the AMC connector, and one provides a FiberOptic high-speed interface on the front panel. Both antenna interfaces are configurable to support CPRI, OBSAI RP3, or proprietary standards. The remaining four RocketIO ports provide a network data and control switch fabric interface on the AMC connector, configurable to support RapidIO, PCI Express, Advanced Switching, Aurora, GigE, or XAUI.

The Virtex-II Pro also provides ten pairs of user-definable LVDS I/O on the AMC connector for proprietary antenna or network interfaces, as well as general purpose I/O on the front panel.

Software Support
BittWare offers a complete set of host interface, runtime libraries, and debug tools for the B2-AMC. Wireless processing libraries for the TigerSHARC are also available from Analog Devices.

About BittWare, Inc.
Founded in 1989, BittWare, Inc. is the leading supplier of TigerSHARC and SHARC based DSP boards. BittWare exclusively uses Analog Devices’ (ADI) TigerSHARC and SHARC technology to provide innovative standard and application-specific solutions for high-performance, real-time signal processing applications. Product offerings address OEM needs from prototype-to-production and span a variety of platforms, including PCI, CompactPCI, VME, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PMC, AMC and standalone. For more information on BittWare and its innovative DSP solutions, visit

TigerSHARC is a registered trademark of Analog Devices.

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