Siemens Selects TTPCom's Protocol Software for EDGE Modules

6/18/2004 - Siemens Information and Communications Wireless Modules (Siemens ICM WM), Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI) and TTPCom Ltd. (LSE: TTC) announced that they are developing a range of products based on ADI’s and TTPCom’s EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) technologies. Today’s announcement provides a significant boost to the deployment of EDGE technology, which boasts data rates up to three times those available on current GPRS networks. Siemens ICM WM’s new EDGE-capable modules will be able to offer data-intensive 3G-type services including video downloads and high-speed Internet access.

The first Siemens EDGE module, announced this week at CommunicAsia 2004 in Singapore, is powered by ADI’s Blackfin® SoftFone® for EDGE chipset and TTPCom’s EDGE protocol software. Equipped with quad band GSM, the MC75 can be used in all GSM networks worldwide and has a USB port for plug and play functions. The compact MC75 is especially suitable for smartphones, PDAs and other mobile computing applications. It will go into mass production in the first quarter of 2005.

Siemens ICM WM, Analog Devices, and TTPCom have a longstanding relationship that began in November 2000. This collaboration has progressed through successive generations of wireless technology, from GSM, through GPRS, and now to EDGE.

“Competitive advantage for terminal and silicon vendors is a function of the ability to correctly and cost-effectively anticipate and manage the timing of network migration, and the associated service environment. Analog Devices (ADI) was early to market in March 2003 with its EDGE SoftFone platform, which incorporates ADI’s powerful Blackfin Processor and TTPCom’s EDGE protocol stack,” said John Jackson, senior analyst, wireless/mobile technologies, The Yankee Group. “As targeted enterprise mobility initiatives from EDGE network operators gather momentum, demand for modules such as Siemens’ MC75 will grow tremendously. With the MC75, Siemens has a global tool to bridge the EDGE network-terminal gap, and meet the growing demand for flexible, robust EDGE module solutions.”

For the technology behind its first EDGE modules, Siemens ICM WM turned to Analog Devices’ Blackfin SoftFone for EDGE platform, the world’s first chipset for the EDGE standard. Incorporating a unique RAM-based design, ADI’s SoftFone platform allows Siemens ICM WM to easily customize user features and options entirely in software for a wide range of modules, while incorporating breakthrough advancements in power consumption, cost, and size. The platform is based on ADI’s Blackfin Processor, offering best-in-class digital signal processing performance and low power consumption required for advanced cellular handsets. In addition to the digital baseband processor, ADI will supply Siemens ICM WM with a high-performance mixed-signal analogue baseband chip with integrated power management.

TTPCom’s EDGE software is fully integrated with the ADI platform and, with industry-leading data rates up to 216 kilobits per second, it enables manufacturers to develop products that fully utilise EDGE networks. TTPCom’s EDGE software also builds on a proven GSM/GPRS base and has undergone extensive interoperability testing with leading infrastructure providers, test equipment vendors and wireless operators.

“Siemens ICM WM is an excellent engineering company with a very strong reputation in mobile devices. In the complex world of machine to machine communications the quality and reliability of the software platform is critical and we are delighted that Siemens has selected TTPCom’s solution for their EDGE modules,” stated Tony Milbourn, managing director of TTPCom. “There is increasing demand for EDGE-capable products in the market and with our proven platform we are providing Siemens ICM WM with the fastest route to market for an EDGE module. In addition, the flexibility of TTPCom’s software allows Siemens ICM WM to easily customise the module to suit a host of embedded applications in laptop computers, automotive devices, and handsets.”

“Siemens ICM WM is recognised worldwide as one of the premier suppliers of wireless modules and we are excited to extend our longstanding relationship to now include EDGE modules,” said Christian Kermarrec, vice president, RF and wireless systems, Analog Devices, Inc. “The strong momentum building throughout the world for EDGE adoption is being fuelled by users’ demands for enhanced features, such as multimedia services and high-speed Internet access, as well as the ability for carriers to quickly upgrade their existing GSM/GPRS networks to EDGE with minimal costs. As the world’s first complete EDGE chipset, Analog Devices’ Blackfin SoftFone for EDGE platform is gaining acceptance from the world’s largest cellular phone manufacturers as it provides them with utmost flexibility and performance.”

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