Xilinx Spartan Series FPGAs Exceed $750 Million in Sales

6/18/2004 - Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) announced that sales of low cost Spartan Series FPGAs passed 750 million dollars ($USD) since their introduction in 1998. More than 80 million devices have shipped to over 13,000 customers since the family's debut, making the Xilinx Spartan Series the highest volume FPGA product line in history. Shipments of the latest Spartan-3 family show continued leadership for high volume applications into the future. The world's first FPGA family utilizing 90-nanometer (nm) process technology, Spartan-3 is shipping in full production volume with over five hundred thousand units delivered to customers since the family's introduction in 2003.

"The Spartan Series was the first FPGA family designed specifically for low cost, high volume applications. Some questioned whether programmable logic could succeed in a space dominated by ASICs and ASSPs. After five product generations with more than $750 million in sales, we hear a resounding 'YES' from our customers," said Clay Johnson, vice president and general manager of the General Products Division at Xilinx. "Spartan Series FPGAs have widely broadened the market for programmable logic, and we expect this trend and our ability innovate with this product family to continue."

Spartan Series Benefits from Manufacturing and Process Technology Leadership
Much of the success of Xilinx's Spartan Series is due to its low cost leadership, enabled by a series of industry firsts in manufacturing and process technology. The Spartan-3 family is the latest result of Xilinx's focus to provide programmable logic to cost-sensitive markets. The world's first FPGAs utilizing state-of-the-art 90nm process technology also benefit from being produced on extremely cost-effective 300mm wafers, yielding almost five times more die per wafer than the previous 130nm/200mm combination. Architectural innovations such as staggered I/O pad technology maintain the industry's highest I/O-to-gate ratio. These are just a few of many innovations that have enabled Xilinx to provide groundbreaking cost-density benefits to Xilinx customers. Xilinx now offers three different Spartan-3 devices with up to 400,000 system gates for less than $6.50*, and ten different device-package combinations for under $10.00*.

Platform Features for Low Cost, High Volume Applications
Today's low cost, high volume systems are also often some of the most sophisticated. Consumer electronics applications in graphics, networking, and telecommunications require platform capabilities such as embedded processors, hardwired DSP functions, and support for numerous connectivity standards. Spartan-3 FPGAs offer more density and performance features that reduce overall system costs through integration than any other device in its class. These include an industry-leading combination of block and distributed RAM, up to 784 I/Os, MicroBlaze 32-bit RISC soft processors and XtremeDSP functionality with dedicated hardware 18x18 multipliers and up to 330 billion multiply and accumulates (MACs) per second. Additionally, Spartan-3 devices support 24 leading I/O standards, including PCI, HyperTransport, LVDS and RSDS.

About Xilinx
Xilinx is the worldwide leader in complete programmable logic solutions. For more information, visit www.xilinx.com.

* Based on pricing for end of 2004, 250K units

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