Sleepycat Software Rolls Out Java Edition of Berkeley DB

6/17/2004 - Sleepycat Software, makers of Berkeley DB, announced the general availability of Berkeley DB Java Edition, a high performance, pure JavaTM database designed for the demanding requirements of enterprise and service provider applications. Based on an innovative write-once, append-only log architecture, Berkeley DB Java Edition is built for speed and high concurrency while preserving transactional data integrity.

"It's great to see innovative software developers such as Sleepycat show such strong commitment to building high performance Java products," said James Gosling, Sun Microsystems vice president and Sun Fellow credited with creating the Java programming language. "Berkeley DB Java Edition is a robust high performance component that fits well in large-scale, mission-critical applications."

"Java and open source technologies are rapidly growing in popularity among large-scale systems developers," said Carl Olofson, IDC's program director for information management and data integration software research. "Sleepycat's Berkeley DB Java Edition is well positioned to capitalize on this trend and should appeal to those developers building high performance applications in Java."

"We saw a need in the market for a pure Java version of our market leading Berkeley DB database, driven by the need for portability and ease of development. We responded by developing Berkeley DB Java Edition," said Mike Olson, president and CEO of Sleepycat Software. "We've had over four thousand downloads of Java Edition already, and we are very pleased to see such high customer interest in our new product."

"When the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics needed to develop a system for providing efficient access to UniProt, the world's most comprehensive protein catalog, we initially used a large relational database but decided to switch to Berkeley DB Java Edition for increased performance," said Eric Jain, technical lead for the project. "With Berkeley DB Java Edition, we have a simpler setup, a 3x increase in data import speed, a 5x increase in performance and a 10x decrease in disk storage requirements."

"Berkeley DB Java Edition meets a need in the market for a fast, reliable, pure Java database for developers of large-scale Java systems," said Marc Fleury, CEO and founder of JBoss, Inc. "Berkeley DB Java Edition complements JBoss Application Server for these developers with specific non-relational needs such as object caching."

"Berkeley DB Java Edition will, without a doubt, be the de facto standard Java API for manipulating BTree databases," said Alex Karasulu, technical lead for the Apache Directory Project. "We're so convinced of this that we are basing the Eve Directory Server on back-ends built using Berkeley DB Java Edition."

Berkeley DB Java Edition features full ACID transactions and recovery for high reliability, record-level locking for high concurrency, schema neutrality for data storage in its native format, and zero administration for low cost of ownership. Berkeley DB Java Edition offers the same storage services as the popular Berkeley DB engine, but the new product was completely redesigned in Java to take advantage of Java's portability and services such as deeply integrated threading and NIO. Berkeley DB Java Edition includes full source code for easier integration and debugging.

Berkeley DB Java Edition is immediately available under a dual license that offers customers the benefits of both open source and proprietary software models. The full product may be downloaded at:

About Sleepycat Software
Sleepycat Software ( makes Berkeley DB, the most widely used application-specific data management software in the world with more than 200 million deployments. Customers such as Amazon, AOL, British Telecom, Cisco Systems, EMC, Ericsson, Google, Hitachi, HP, Motorola, Openwave Systems, RSA Security, Sun Microsystems, TIBCO and Veritas rely on Berkeley DB for fast, scalable, reliable and cost-effective data management for their mission-critical applications. Profitable since it was founded in 1996, Sleepycat is a privately held company with offices in California and Massachusetts.

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