Magma, PDF Create IC Implementation Flow with Embedded DFM and DFY

6/16/2004 - Magma® Design Automation (Nasdaq: LAVA) and PDF Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: PDFS) have agreed on the preliminary terms whereby the two companies will create the first IC implementation flow with embedded capabilities for design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for yield (DFY). This new flow will enable integrated circuit (IC) designers to optimize the manufacturability and yields of chip designs earlier in the design process and without needing additional DFM or DFY tools or processes.

“To ensure high-quality silicon, it is critical that IC designers incorporate yield data into their complete implementation flow, especially for nanometer technologies,” said Nitin Deo, Magma vice president of marketing. “Magma’s implementation system delivers this capability because it is fully integrated from RTL to GDSII. By inserting PDF Solutions’ industry-leading yield and process-aware DFM technology directly into our solutions, we will provide our customers the fastest path from their RTL to high-quality silicon. Designers can use their familiar design flow with no need for cumbersome and capacity-limiting data exchange.”

TMMagma will embed PDF Solutions’ pDfxTM DFM environment into Magma Blast Fusion ®. By inserting pDfx into its products, Magma becomes the first electronic design automation (EDA) company to create a pDfx Compliant flow. This flow will enable designers to perform yield trade-off analysis – in concert with synthesis trade-off analyses for power, area and timing – all within the Magma design flow.

Using Magma products with embedded pDfx, designers can optimize IC designs for manufacturability and yield during the design process, all without changing their existing design flows or methods. This is a major advancement over today’s methods, where DFM point tools are used after tape-out in an attempt to refine a design for manufacturability. With Magma’s pDfx Compliant DFM-aware flow, designers can accelerate IC design ramps to production-level yields, resulting in lower overall IC costs.

Initial efforts using the pDfx environment have resulted in designers achieving yield improvements ranging from 5- to 10-percent increases in net good die. This level of yield improvement is a major competitive advantage, especially in light of tighter supplies of nanometer wafers.

“The new pDfx-Compliant flow from Magma is another in a long line of its innovations,” said Michael Buehler-Garcia, vice president of DFM at PDF Solutions. “It will give Magma customers significant competitive advantages. With it, they can implement DFM early in the design process – not after the fact when it has little impact – and do it using the same methods and flow they already know and use.”

Debut at the Design Automation Conference
The first Magma solution with embedded pDfx will be Blast Fusion APX. Magma will be demonstrating beta versions of this offering to customers in booth 3919 in the Exhibit Hall at the conference, which runs June 7-11 at the San Diego Convention Center.

About the pDfx Process-Aware Design Environment
The pDfx environment packages PDF Solutions’ deep knowledge of IC manufacturability and delivers it directly to IC designers. Using pDfx, designers can optimize products for manufacturability before tape-out, resulting in product cost savings and faster ramps to production-level yields. This reduces the need to re-spin mask sets for manufacturability issues, which is essential to designers as IC designs move to 130-nanometer and smaller technologies. pDfx integrates with intellectual property from the target process and with products from the top EDA vendors.

About Magma Design Automation
Magma provides leading software for designing highly complex integrated circuits while maximizing quality of results with respect to area, timing and power, and at the same time reducing overall design cycles and costs. Magma provides a complete RTL-to-GDSII design flow that includes design planning, prototyping, synthesis, place & route, and signal and power integrity chip design capabilities in a single executable, offering “The Fastest Path from RTL to Silicon™”. Magma’s software also includes products for advanced physical synthesis and architecture development tools for programmable logic devices (PLDs); capacitance extraction; and characterization and modeling. The company’s stock trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LAVA. Visit Magma Design Automation on the Web at

About PDF Solutions
PDF Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: PDFS) is the leading provider of process-design integration technologies to enhance IC manufacturability. PDF Solutions' software, methodologies and services enable semiconductor companies to create IC designs that are more manufacturable, and manufacturing processes that are more capable. By simulating nanometer-scale product and process interactions, PDF Solutions offers customers faster time-to-market, increased IC yield and performance, and improved product reliability and profitability. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., PDF Solutions operates worldwide. For more information, visit

PDF Solutions is a registered trademark, and pDfx and “pDfx Compliant R ” are trademarks, of PDF Solutions, Inc. Magma and Blast Fusion are registered trademarks, and “The Fastest Path from RTL to Silicon” is a trademark, of Magma Design Automation Inc.

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