iSYSTEM Offers Emulation Support for freescale's MC9S12X Microcontrollers

6/16/2004 - iSYSTEM announces support for freescale's MC9S12X family of microcontrollers. The MC9S12X is a combination of the 16-bit 68HC12 core and a new RISC processor called X-Gate. Two different levels of development systems are available - On-Chip Emulation and In-Circuit Emulator. Both systems are based on iSYSTEM's iC3000 ActiveEmulator and winIDEA, iSYSTEM's Integrated Development Environment and Debugger.

The On-Chip Emulator is the entry-level development system with full Multi-Core BDM debug support for MC9S12X and the X-Gate. High-speed flash programming is supported as well. The iC3000 ActiveEmulator will be equipped with an iCARD BDM interface to support the MC9S12X. The In-Circuit Emulator is a full-blown high-performance development system. iC3000 ActiveEmulator will be connected to the ActivePRO POD for MC9S12X. The system supports standalone operation without target and complete In-Circuit Emulation (ICE) at the target system, where the MC0S12 microcontroller is replaced by the ActivePRO POD with a target solder adapter. Full ICE-Debug functions for MC9S12 are supported, bus trace and performance analysis.

"This announcement for the MC9S12X with X-Gate is just another step in our continuing support for the HC12 line," says CEO Helmut Kindermann. "Our emulators and serial debuggers for HC12 and MC9S12 have been crucial to the success of advanced embedded projects in key automotive and industrial control accounts. These customers are anxious to extend this legacy with freescale's new 12X."

The iC3000 ActiveEmulator connects to the host PC by USB or Ethernet interfaces for fast communication with winIDEA IDE/Debugger. The winIDEA supports Windows NT/2000 and XP as host operating system platforms. All famous C/C++ compilers for MC0S12X and X-Gate can be integrated into winIDEA.

All iSYSTEM's emulators are driven by the easy to use winIDEATM, an integrated development environment. winIDEATM runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating systems. As well as a powerful debugger, winIDEATM includes a project manager and build manager where all well-known compilers can be integrated, thus allowing the user to write, download, debug and edit their code from single interface.

For more information about the new MC9S12X support, and all of the development tools from iSYSTEM, users are encouraged to visit the company's web site at:

iSYSTEM AG ( is an international electronics company headquartered in the suburbs of Munich, Germany. Founded in 1986, the company develops and markets a broad range of development tools for embedded systems design and test. iSYSTEM in-circuit emulators and integrated development environment software help engineers create outstanding electronics delivered to the marketplace in less time. iSYSTEM products are used by tens of thousands of engineers in over forty countries worldwide. Outside of Germany, the products are sold and supported by distributors who are the embedded systems experts in their home markets. Affiliates iSYSTEM USA, iSYSTEM AB, iSYSTEM Italy and iSYSTEM UK sell and support the company's products in the Americas, Scandinavia, Italy and the United Kingdom and Ireland, respectively. Providing engineering and manufacturing support is ASYST Electronic, another iSYSTEM affiliate. Collectively, the iSYSTEM family of companies employs over 60 enthusiastic staff worldwide.

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