Agilent Debuts IPsecv6 Test Solution for VPN Concentrators and Firewalls

6/16/2004 - Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) demonstrated the industry's first IPsecv6 (Internet Protocol Security version 6) test solution, enabling equipment manufacturers and network operators to measure the scalability of IPv6 network security devices and virtual private networks (VPN) services. Agilent's N4180A NetworkTester can validate vital IPv6 specifications such as the ability to sustain high volumes of encrypted data transfer between thousands of real users, allowing verification of device performance and network designs.

The new IPsecv6 protocol permits encrypted and authenticated traffic to "tunnel" through next-generation IPv6 networks, making IPv6 VPNs possible and minimizing the risks of wiretapping and masquerade attacks.

Agilent repeated the industry-first IPv6 firewall tests it demonstrated at the recent Moonv6 Phase 2 test event, where Agilent helped more than 20 major equipment vendors, network operators and branches of the U.S. military test interoperability and measure the security and performance of IPv6 network equipment. This demonstration showed network equipment manufacturers and service providers it is possible to reduce IPv6 implementation time and increase confidence that network security equipment is IPv6-ready.

Agilent today also demonstrated NetworkTester's new hardware-accelerated test modules with high-performance IPSecv4/6 encrypted traffic throughput capability for finding the performance limits of firewalls, VPN concentrators and other security and content networking equipment.

"These new capabilities in combination with the ability to send a mix of stateful application traffic -- including HTTP, SMTP and POP3 over IPsec and IPsecv6 tunnels -- uniquely positions Agilent's NetworkTester to verify the real-world performance and reliability of IPv6 network designs and security devices," said Dave Bass, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Data Networks Division. "By reducing IPsecv6 implementation time and increasing confidence in network security equipment, Agilent helps speed IPv6 readiness for defense, military and commercial applications."

Further information on Agilent's N4180A NetworkTester is available at

The Agilent NetworkTester's new IPv6, IPsec and IPsecv6 software and the new hardware-accelerated modules are available now. Pricing starts at approximately $25,000 for a complete four-port, two-module system, including the NetPressure software application.

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