Concurrent Enables Insertion of Advertisements into On-Demand Content

6/15/2004 - Concurrent Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: CCUR), a worldwide leader of on-demand technology that is shaping the future of television, announced its patent pending solution for enabling the insertion of advertisements into on-demand “trick files” (the files that enable fast-forward and rewind). This development will help maintain original advertisement message integrity and a stable revenue model for cable operators, as well as adherence to advertising contractual obligations.

Concurrent’s latest patent-pending capability guarantees that advertisements inserted within the original content program run at normal playback speed, even if the subscriber chooses to fast-forward or rewind the program when viewed as on-demand content. With on-demand content ranging from Movies-On-Demand (MOD), Video-On-Demand (VOD), Subscription VOD (SVOD), Free-On-Demand (FOD) and Long-Format Advertising (LFA) to Network-based Digital Video Recording (NDVR) and high-definition VOD (HDVOD), a solution is necessary to protect the investment of the advertiser and ensure that cable operators do not sacrifice advertising revenues when offering on-demand services.

Concurrent’s ad files technology replicates the advertisements appearing in the original content and inserts those advertisements in the on-demand trick files, making it impossible to skip the advertisements by fast-forwarding, since whether in normal or trick play, the advertisements play at the predetermined speed. The Concurrent solution therefore stabilizes the revenue model for the cable operator and supports advertising contractual obligations. Furthermore, the pending patent application covers the insertion of alternatives advertisements, if so desired, to better match the needs of the cable operator. For example, rather than playing a complete ad in fast-rewind mode, the inserted content could be a shorter ad, or a still, or the ad in forward rather than reverse. The possibilities are spectacular.

“This patent-pending on-demand technology gives advertisers confidence that their investment stays intact,” said Steve Necessary, president of Concurrent’s VOD Division. “By patenting this type of unique ad insertion capability, Concurrent is protecting the MSOs’ opportunity to offer uninterrupted opportunities to their advertising customers, while offering the latest on-demand services to their subscribers. It’s a win-win solution.”

Concurrent will be demonstrating the latest on-demand technologies at SCTE’s Cable-Tec Show in Orlando, June 16-18, booth #547. Concurrent’s MediaHawk® 4G On-Demand Platform is a proven foundation for the delivery of the latest on-demand services, including MOD, VOD, SVOD, FOD, LFA, NDVR and HDVOD, as well as future on-demand applications and services. The Concurrent 4G Platform includes proven hardware, extensive software, integration expertise and world-class customer service.

About Concurrent
Concurrent ( is a worldwide leader in providing digital VOD systems to the broadband industry and real-time computer systems for industry and government. Concurrent's VOD systems are utilized within the broadband cable, DSL, and IP-based markets. Within the digital cable market, Concurrent is a recognized leader, currently serving North America’s major cable operators in 80 markets with over 5.2 million digital subscribers and 15.8 million basic subscribers. Concurrent's proven technology provides a flexible, comprehensive, robust solution for HFC, DSL, and IP-based networks. The company's powerful and scalable VOD systems are based on open standards and are integrated with the leading broadband technologies. Concurrent is also a leading provider of high-performance, real-time computer systems, solutions, and software that focus on hardware-in-the-loop and man-in-the-loop simulation, data acquisition, and industrial control systems for commercial and government markets. Concurrent has nearly four decades of experience in real-time technology and provides its best of breed solutions through offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

For additional company or product information from Concurrent, please contact Concurrent, 4375 River Green Parkway, Suite 100, Duluth, GA 30096. Call toll free in the U.S. and Canada at (877) 978-7363, fax (678) 258-4199. Readers can also access information through the company's Web site at

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