Macraigor Debuts usbSprite Full-Speed USB Device for JTAG/BDM Debugging

6/9/2004 - Macraigor Systems, a leader in on-chip debug (OCD) technology, introduced the first full-speed mini Universal Serial Bus (USB) device for JTAG (IEEE Standard 1149.1) or BDM (background debug mode). usbSprite provides embedded systems developers with the smallest, most cost-sensitive, yet high-performance interface available for target OCD. The usbSprite applications programming interface is fully compatible with industry-leading software debuggers, including the GNU tools suite (GCC, GAS and GDB).

Craig Haller, chief engineer for Macraigor Systems LLC explained, "The usbSprite changes the way end users will look at debug connections. The device measures 1.3 square inches and connects to a host system via a USB mini-b connector. There is no need for dealing with JTAG headers or non-standard connectors. USB allows cables up to sixteen feet in length for total flexibility."

Based on Macraigor's proprietary OCD technology, usbSprite operates as a converter of JTAG commands. The Windows host PC communicates with usbSprite via the industry-standard USB protocol to the proper OCD signals required by the target. The host port may be JTAG, E-JTAG, OnCE, COP, BDM or any of several other types of connections.

A dedicated JTAG controller significantly increases throughput performance. For example, binary files can be downloaded to an XScale target at 180 Kbytes per second and the MPC88560 at up to 250 Kbytes per second. With higher clock speeds, information is transmitted and received from the target board more efficiently for setting breakpoints, single stepping, tracing, diagnosing problems and other target communications.

The usbSprite also offers flexibility and connection options. With newer laptops shipping without a parallel port, USB is increasingly the primary option for portable debugging. "usbSprite satisfies our price-sensitive customers who have been asking for a higher performance, portable debugging solution," said managing partner Craig Haller. "This product meets their needs, while maintaining compatibility for the third parties who have ported to Macraigor's applications programming interfaces."

Pricing & Availability
usbSprite is immediately available with a list price of US $750. OCD Commander, an assembly-level software debugger and the GNU tools suite are available at no charge from the Macraigor website.

About Macraigor Systems
Macraigor Systems LLC is a leading supplier of BDM/JTAG connection solutions for on-chip debugging of 32- and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. Macraigor Systems' solutions are designed for price-sensitive customers. These solutions include a suite of software tools that supports Windows 9x, NT, ME, XP, Linux and Solaris host systems. Macraigor Systems supports all major embedded microprocessor architectures, including AMD, ARM, ColdFire, CPU32 Series, PowerPC, MIPS and the XScale microarchitecture.

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North American Sales Contact: Macraigor Systems LLC, PO Box 471008, Brookline Village, MA 02447-1008, Tel: 617-739-8693; Fax: 617-739-8694, Email:; Website:

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