CSR, IVT Team to Enable Convergence of Fixed Line and Mobile Telephony

6/9/2004 - CSR PLC (LSE: CSR.L), a leading provider of single-chip radio devices, and IVT Corporation, a leading provider of Bluetooth Software and ODM products, announced their cooperation on Bluetooth designs to advance one-phone combined cellular/cordless applications for the wireless technology. The design makes it possible for manufacturers to produce low-cost Bluetooth-enabled converged cellular and cordless phones for the home – using the Cordless Telephony Profile (CTP) within Bluetooth to replace existing analogue or digital technologies such as DECT. Bluetooth’s integration into telephony will enable a Bluetooth mobile phone to switch between mobile and fixed-line networks, depending on the user’s location, using only one telephone number for both types of connection.

Using CSR’s BlueCore Bluetooth silicon, this Bluetooth CTP application also provides a GSM mobile phone with cordless phone function. When the mobile phone enters into the range of a CTP-enabled access point (AP), it can connect to the AP via Bluetooth wireless technology, and then act as the cordless phone of the AP. The Bluetooth-enabled GSM mobile can then be used to dial-out or pick up phone calls anywhere in the range of the access point (100 metres). This is then a fixed line call rather than a mobile call and the cost is therefore lower.

This first step in the CSR IVT converged telephony cooperation is a reference design for a Bluetooth-enabled cellular/cordless telephone. Bluetooth is ideal for this application because its voice capabilities are on a par with digital cordless standard DECT and are better than standard cellular voice quality; Bluetooth also offers better support for data communications, as well as offering lower costs. IVT’s Bluetooth CTP enabled products and reference design use the CSR BlueCore2-Ext chip at their heart, this means that a very small number of external components are required to manufacture a Bluetooth cellular/cordless handset. The reference design makes use of Bluetooth technology’s Class 1 range, enabling an operational range of around 100 metres.

Increasingly however, network providers are keen to take ownership of this and are looking at how best to bring the benefits of this converged technology to the consumer. Bluetooth CTP brings benefits to consumers in countries such as China, where IVT’s R&D centre is based and the UK where British Telecom have recently announced plans for its Bluephone project.

CSR and IVT will demonstrate these benefits of CTP technology in Bluetooth GSM handsets at WiCon World 2004 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 8th June at CSR’s booth. The Bluetooth CTP enabled GSM phone will make or receive call via IVT’s Bluetooth access point through fix-line networks, all operating with Class 1 Bluetooth capability to enable operating ranges of 100 metres.

Dr. Qiang Gao, CEO of IVT commented, “These products enable the merging of mobile networks and fixed line networks, and provide consumers with more convenient and cost-effective connections.” Dr. Gao continued, “With CSR BlueCore, the leading Bluetooth technology, IVT can help GSM or CDMA phone manufacturers to develop CTP enabled phones, by either porting IVT’s Bluetooth stack and CTP profile into their mobile phone platform, or, by offering a very small Bluetooth Class 1 module with the CTP profile embedded within BlueCore. Thus, allowing the Bluetooth class 1 module to communicate with phone Host system using AT-commands. IVT’s CTP enabled Access points and GSM phone are in pre-production stage and IVT is ready to take sample orders.”

About CSR
CSR PLC (LSE: CSR.L) is a leading provider of single-chip radio devices for Bluetooth wireless communication. CSR offers developed hardware/software packages based around BlueCore, a fully integrated 2.4 GHz radio, baseband and microcontroller. BlueCore features in 60 percent of all Bluetooth qualified end products and modules with international names such as Microsoft Corp, Nokia, Dell, Panasonic, Audi, NEC, Toshiba, Samsung and Sony already using BlueCore in their range of Bluetooth products.

In June 2003, CSR launched the third generation BlueCore devices with full support for v1.2 of the Bluetooth specification. In February 2004, CSR floated on the London Stock Exchange in the largest UK technology floatation in three years.

CSR is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in Richardson, Texas, USA; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan and Aalborg, Denmark. More information can be found at www.csr.com and the partner web site www.btdesigner.com

About IVT
IVT is a world leader in licensing its Bluetooth software and providing its Bluetooth ODM products. Since 1998, IVT has continually developed cutting edge products including Bluetooth stack and profiles source code, protocol analyzer, conformance & interoperability testers, application software for PC’s, laptop’s, PDA’s and Smart phone’s, a variety of reference designs & patent protected Access Points, and other turnkey solutions. IVT was the first to release the Bluetooth Protocol Stack SDL/C source code in November 1999, followed by the first Bluetooth conformance tester in September 2000, and the first Bluetooth profiles interoperability tester in September 2001. IVT’s software and solutions are being widely adopted by hundreds of industry participants for use in their products. IVT has sales offices in Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and an R & D Centre in China. IVT is an associated member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), For more information, please visit www.ivtcorporation.com or contact support@ivtcorporation.com

More information about Bluetooth can be found on the SIG web site at www.bluetooth.com

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