Over 30 Vendors Support Brooktrout's TR1034 Intelligent Fax Boards

6/8/2004 - Brooktrout Technology, the worldwide market leader of intelligent fax boards, announced that more than 30 business productivity software providers now support Brooktrout’s TR1034TM series of V.34 intelligent fax boards, making it the most widely supported intelligent fax hardware available today. Brooktrout’s TR1034 intelligent fax boards are used in many business productivity applications such as business process automation, document management, network fax, and compliance (such as HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley).

The TR1034 series is the latest generation of intelligent fax boards from Brooktrout Technology. They offer enterprise customers a comprehensive line of V.34, or 33.6Kbps fax transmission speed, intelligent fax boards with high performance fax capabilities. The TR1034 is offered in a variety of analog, BRI and PRI configurations, compatible with all 33 MHz and 66 MHz universal PCI server slots, and offers the ultimate in flexibility by allowing customers to grow into their solution by increasing the number of ports as their requirements dictate via Brooktrout’s Technology Expansion Capability (TEC) feature. For customers requiring a medium or low density fax solution, the TR1034 Series is available in 2, 4 and 8 channel analog and 2 and 4 BRI channels. For higher density PRI fax solutions, the TR1034 is available in 4, 8, 16, or 24 channel configurations for T1/PRI, or 8, 10, 16, 20 or 30 channel configurations for E1/PRI.

Brooktrout also recently announced its plans to provide real-time fax over IP capabilities on the TR1034 T1/E1 PRI series. These boards, equipped with both a T1/E1 and an Ethernet connection, can be used today for PSTN-based network faxing, and, when companies transition their communications networks to voice over IP (VoIP), Brooktrout’s anticipated software release will allow support for T.38 real-time fax over IP. In addition, Brooktrout intends that these boards will be interoperable with the leading VoIP gateway networking equipment. For more information on real-time fax over IP with T.38 support, download Brooktrout’s white paper on the subject at: www.brooktrout.com/whitepapers/pdf/fax_over_ip.pdf

Some of the software providers who currently support Brooktrout’s TR1034 include: ACCPAC, ArcoSoft, AVM Informatique, BISCOM, Black Ice, Captaris, Centre Reach/FACSys, Copia, Cypress, Equisys, Esker, Extracomm, FaxBack, FaxCore, Fenestrae, GFI FAX & Voice, iFax, Imecom, Intercope, Interstar, Lane Telecom, Merkur, Messaging Architects, Omtool, OneTouch Global Technologies, Optio, Quadrant, RTE, Softlinx, Systems Solutions, Vogler Software and 170 Systems. For more information on these software providers, visit Brooktrout’s Solution Finder at: http://www.brooktrout.com/solutionfinder/.

About Brooktrout Technology
Brooktrout Technology is a leading supplier of media processing, network interface, call control and signal processing products that enable the development of applications, systems and services for both the New NetworkTM (packet-based) and the traditional telephone (TDM) network. The Company’s strategy is to partner with its customers and collaborate closely with them to help accelerate their delivery of new applications and services, increase their existing business, and expand into new markets. For more information, visit http://www.brooktrout.com. Brooktrout Technology is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT).

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