Renesas Debuts HAT1125H P-Channel Power MOSFET with Lowest On-Resistance

6/8/2004 - Renesas Technology Corp. announced the HAT1125H -30 V breakdown-voltage P-channel power MOSFET, featuring ultra-low on-resistance* of 2.7 m(typ.), for power management switch and lithium-ion battery charge/discharge control use in notebook PCs and similar products. Sample shipments will begin on June 8, 2004 in Japan.

The HAT1125H features an approximately 25% lower on-resistance than Renesas Technology's previous product, achieving the industry's lowest on-resistance for an industry-standard SOP-8 size small surface mount package product. The resulting low loss contributes to the design of small, space-saving systems.

Product Background
Recent trends in notebook PCs include higher functionality, higher CPU speeds for processing large volumes of data as the amount of information handled increases, and lower voltages and larger currents. There is thus a demand for DC-DC converter power management switches capable of controlling larger currents efficiently. As switch resistance adversely affects loss characteristics, a further reduction in on-resistance is required of the P-channel power MOSFETs used in these power switches. At the same time, a reduction in the mounting area is needed as systems become more compact.

In response to these needs, Renesas Technology currently mass-produces the low-on-resistance HAT1072H employing an SOP-8 size LFPAK package featuring low power MOSFET on-resistance and thermal resistance, and has now developed the HAT1125H offering a further reduction in on-resistance through the use of a finer process.

Product Details
The HAT1125H is a P-channel power MOSFET with a -30 V drain-source breakdown voltage and -4.5 V gate drive voltage. Cell structure density improvement and optimization through the use of a fine process have made it possible to achieve an on-resistance of 2.7 m(typ.), approximately 25% lower than that of Renesas Technology's current HAT1072H. This is the industry's lowest on-resistance for an SOP-8 size small surface mount package product, and enables system power efficiency to be improved. Many systems employ multiple power MOSFETs connected in parallel in order to achieve lower resistance, and use of the HAT1125H in such systems makes it possible to reduce the number of power MOSFETs used and the mounting area required.

The package used is the same LFPAK SOP-8 size small surface mount package as used for the previous model, employing a wireless structure that minimizes resistance and inductance due to wiring.

A number of variations are planned, including a -20 V breakdown-voltage model, -2.5 V gate drive voltage product, and a version incorporating two elements in an SOP-8 package, for use in a wide range of applications such as small-motor drive.

* On-resistance: Operational resistance when a power MOSFET operates. On-resistance is the parameter that most affects power MOSFET performance, with performance increasing as on-resistance decreases.

Typical Applications

Sample Price in Japan
HAT1125H LFPAK 100 Yens (105 Yens including Tax)

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