Vitesse Rolls Out Highest Speed Quad and Octal Signal Conditioners

6/4/2004 - Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: VTSS) continued its leadership position in circuit switch technology with the industry’s highest performing Quad and Octal Signal Conditioners. With the broadest offering of circuit switch and signal conditioner products across port speed (up to 6.5 Gbps) and port count (up to 144 simultaneous channels), Vitesse continues to innovate switching and equalization technology proven over four product generations in the widest range of real-world applications.

The VSC7104 (Quad) and VSC7108 (Octal) Signal Conditioners are used to improve high-speed signal quality and reach in chip-to-chip, board-to-board, and across backplanes for Enterprise, Metro, and Core applications servicing voice, data, and video. The products allow the preservation of deployed backplanes by enhancing speed and signal performance.

Key features include input signal equalization and output pre-emphasis, which significantly reduce the jitter associated with driving multi-gigabit signals. These features allow designers to optimize performance based on specific system operating conditions, as well as improve performance over long traces or backplanes. Asynchronous operation enables protocol and data rate agnostic transmission without the need for an external reference clock. Requiring minimum software and control logic, the devices are easy to use while reducing overall system design complexity. The VSC7104 (4 ports) and the VSC7108 (8 ports) run at 6.5 Gbps Non-Return-to-Zero (NRZ) data and use a single 2.5V power supply.

“Vitesse Signal Conditioners solve the fundamental problem of signal degradation in high speed communication hardware,” says Juan Garza, circuit switch product marketing manager at Vitesse. “The cornerstone of our capability is equalization technology tailored for high-speed serial applications, which both require and benefit from greater signal integrity technology as communication designs become increasingly complex and faster.”

Equalization Par Excellence
Greater system bandwidth demands are exceeding the capabilities of existing backplane and printed circuit board (PCB) technology. Higher speeds increase jitter, which degrades signal integrity and overall system performance. Vitesse’s equalization technology addresses this crucial problem by reducing jitter by up to 70%. The VSC7104 and VSC7108 essentially flatten jitter without the cost, power or complexity associated with adaptive circuit designs.

Real-world results show that these Signal Conditioners reduce jitter by up to 70% over backplane channels that are up to 80 inches long and cables as long as 10m. An 80% reduction in jitter can be realized when using the VSC7104 and VSC7108 at both ends of a connection. In addition, the use of equalization over a backplane yielded a near constant received jitter of less than 40 ps over data rates ranging from 1 Gbps to over 6.5 Gbps. Similar jitter reductions were achieved at constant rates over varied backplane channel lengths. Results such as these demonstrate why Vitesse is recognized by the engineering community as having the best equalization in the industry.

Pricing and Availability
The Quad and Octal Signal Conditioners are in volume production and are available today. The devices are in a 69-pin package and consume 0.9 W and 1.8 W, respectively. Volume pricing for the VSC7104 is $12 USD each and $18 USD each for the VSC7108.

About the Circuit Switches Products Group
Since the introduction of its first circuit switch product nearly 10 years ago, Vitesse has led development of high-speed serial interconnect to create the most diverse offering of robust and reliable products in the industry. With its unsurpassed equalization technology and proven signal integrity experience, Vitesse continues to advance state-of-art technology and enable its customers to commercialize leading edge products. As the world leader in circuit switch products, Vitesse components are used in a wide array of products from industry-leading OEMs.

About Vitesse
Vitesse is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative silicon solutions and optical devices used in the networking, communications and storage industries worldwide. Vitesse works to specifically address the requirements of system designers and OEMs by providing high-performance, integrated products that are ideally suited for use in Enterprise, Access, Metro and Core applications. Additional company and product information is available at

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